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It has been announced that Frank Kozik, who is known for his unique pop art, vinyl toys and rock band posters, has partnered with VeVe to launch his first Labbit Series starting tomorrow July 1st.

Frank Kozik Labbit series 1 features a new take on his famous Labbit which originally appeared in one of his 90’s art poster. The series 1 will contain six Labbit’s with very different designs and there are first editions in the premium digital platform. The best part is that fans of Kozik’s Labbit will get the opportunity own the 3D digital collectibles exclusively on the VeVe app once it launches.

According to a post posted by VeVe, it showed a few images of the Labbit and some of them have interesting designs. Most importantly is the description of the 3-D collectable which also includes rarity, edition number, edition type, availability, and most importantly is the price listing. Here are the list of Labbit’s:

Smorkin’ Labbit (Choice Cuts)

Labbit Smorkin Labbit

The “choicest” cuts are outlined for you here in the burgeoning butchers’ edition of Frank Kozik’s iconic Labbit.

Happy ‘Stache Labbit

Created by legendary pop artist Frank Kozik, this Happy ‘Stache Labbit and his signature butthole is available here as a digital collectible for the first time. Very dapper, indeed.

Smorkin’ Labbit (Red)

 Originally featured in Kozik’s famous nineties rock poster art, the red Labbit and his signature butthole are available here as a digital collectible for the first time.

The Visible Labbit

The Visible Labbit, featuring visible innards and bones inside a transparent outer shell.

The Visible Labbit (Neon Edition)

Presenting The Visible Labbit — Neon Edition, featuring visible innards and bones inside a transparent outer shell.

Backstab Smorkin’ Labbit

“With Enemies Like These, Who Needs Friends?” Somebody apparently has it out for our beloved Smorkin’ Labbit. Snatch up this ultra-rare digital collectible before he gets another knife in his back.

Each of the Labbits has different prices which based on the post both the Smorkin’ Labbit (Choice Cuts) and Happy ‘Stache Labbit is listed for $25, Smorkin’ Labbit (Red) for $30, Backstab Smorkin’ Labbit $40, The Visible Labbit and The Visible Labbit (Neon Edition) for $30. There are also other additional digital collectibles from the series, including 2D artwork from Kozik, which will be announced later in the coming weeks.

Looks like VeVe is taking digital collecting to the next level by bringing fans to a new and unique way to not only own some pieces on their platform but also share works from their favorite artists and brands. Not mention that Kozik fans will be able to showcase their Labbit digital collectibles through virtual showrooms and display them in augmented reality (AR) on the VeVe App.

Frank Kozik Labbit series 1 Labbit collect will launch tomorrow July 1st at 8 p.m. PT on the VeVe app which is available for both iOS and Android.

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