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MUSE TV recently talked with Frank Nicotero and Wayne Allyn Root about the sports betting podcast, Krush House in addition with VegasWINNERS.

Winners, Inc. subsidiary VegasWINNERS Inc., which provides sports betting enthusiasts with high quality content, analysis, research, data, guidance and professional advice, revealed its debut of the “Krush House Network,” initially beginning with three weekly shows focused on sports, betting and handicapping to go up this Friday on

NFL Quarterback, ESPN analyst and sports radio host Sean Salisbury joins the weekly podcast, “Krush House,” as a full-time co-host starting this Friday.  Salisbury joins Frank Nicotero to co-host the show together.  

“I had a blast being a guest and it was so spontaneous, fun and unstructured.  That combination makes for entertaining viewing,” said Sean Salisbury.  “Frank and I make a great team and I can’t wait to dissect every team, player and future announcements.”  

 “I’m delighted Sean is in the back field with me.  I hear he blocks well for a quarterback,” said comedian Frank Nicotero.  “I’m a life-long sports fanatic and sports gambler. I’m also a host and a comic.  THIS is my dream job! As an added benefit we can swear!!”

The networks names sake show will feature iconic sports figures, and other unexpected guests.  There will be man-on-the-street pieces from around the US at interesting locations, trivia and contests among other creative endeavors to be announced soon.

The Krush House Network features two other shows hosted by legendary sports handicapper and CEO of VegasWINNERS, Wayne Allyn Root. These shows were specifically designed to help sports enthusiasts get inside information from the industry’s top sports handicappers to better inform choices before placing legal bets.

“Krush House Kappers,” is hosted by Wayne Allyn Root and takes fans on a deep dive into the world of handicapping with an elite team of pickers who are part of the team at VegasWINNERS.  The experts cover off on all major sports and features picks, debates and topical information from whatever is going on inside the sports world at the time of taping the episode.

“Legends That Krushed,” is a weekly sports interview hosted by Wayne Allyn Root and a legendary sports veteran. Each week the show will take a look at the stories behind making bets, the biggest wins and losses all told through the eyes from someone who played the game.  

“The network will have content that caters to various audiences from neophytes in sports who want to understand and participate, to seasoned gamblers,” said Howard Lefkowitz, President of VegasWINNERS.  Lefkowitz went on to say, “There’s news happening daily in the sports betting world and many new developments will play a huge role in our company’s growth.  From ‘Krush House’ you can expect constant growth and innovation.”