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Franklin’s Key’s Leeane Melendez: 2013 Is Her Year

Leeane Melendez
Photo By: Jason Marc Shoener

Leeane Melendez, vocalist for Franklin’s Key has had a busy start to 2013 with an upcoming album release, working on new material, and planning her wedding with her fiancee, who is a key part of the band’s identity.

“My fiancee always comes up with the coolest band names,” Leeane says a she recalls how the band’s name, Franklins Key, was conceived. The name was inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s discovery of electricity when he flew a kite with a key tied to it during an electrical storm. While band members Ryan Koch and Leeane came up with other potential band names, the name her fiancee had come up with was the winner. “That was the perfect fit,” she says. “We’re playing electronica and discovering something new”.

And with discovering something new, she means the genre of electronica and her band member, Ryan . Both Leeane and Ryan had belonged to separate rock bands previous to crossing paths thanks to Craig’s List. After sharing each other’s musical pasts, they connected at a local coffee shop and began working on music together. Both new to electronica and each other, in the span of a year they have many accomplishments together, including winning third place at So Cal Idol in San Diego. While this was an unexpected win, Leeane points to this moment as a stepping stone in the band’s career. “That was the fire that lit the fuel,” she says.

The band also recently welcomed a new drummer, Jordan Hays. After auditioning many musicians for his position, Jordan was what the band was looking for. “He knows how to be perfect, precise is the correct word,” Leeane says about Jordan’s musicality. While he does not record music with them, you can find Jordan adding a nice touch to Franklin’s Key at their live shows, making them sound fuller, as Leeane explains.

“This is our dream, and its therapeutic to us to do what we do,” says Leeane about the album name, “Dream Therapy”, which is their first and upcoming album. Fans can expect the band’s unique, soothing, and electrifying sound interwined with Leeane’s raw, heartfelt lyrics. “Lyrically I pour my heart out and I talk about things I don’t talk about normally,” she says.

Busy with weekly live shows in Los Angeles, the band is working hard on their future projects. Music is not an easy career, but Leeane stays passionate and driven. “This is all I wanted to do my whole life, I never see myself doing anything else. Thats the fire, I don’t have a plan B this is my plan A and I’m sticking to it,” she says.

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