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Fun Train Announces October 9th Launch Date for the Horrifying Finale of The Exorcist: Legion VR for PlayStation VR

Fun Train, publishers of top-quality virtual reality games based on iconic cinematic franchises, announced today that the final episodes in The Exorcist: Legion VR saga are set to launch for PlayStation VR on Tuesday, October 9 – just in time for Halloween. Leveraging the transformative power of VR, gamers will experience first-hand the horrific events of Chapter 4 “Samaritan” and Chapter 5 “The Tomb,” where never-before-seen demonic entities will push the limits of the player’s mental fortitude.

Based in the chilling world created by horror maestro, William Peter Blatty, author of the Academy Award-winning Exorcist series, The Exorcist: Legion VR unfolds through five episodes (each approximately 30 minutes).  While the five episodes together tell a dark and disturbing story, each individual chapter includes a full narrative and a completely unique experience.

To set the stage, players step into the shoes of a Boston homicide detective tasked with investigating a series of ritualistic murders, including a priest at a local church. It has all the makings of a serial killer, but they soon discover that it’s much more.  Following is a summary of Chapters 4 – 5:

  • Chapter 4 – Samaritan – A failed quarantine zone in Haiti has been racked by an unknown plague, and a slew of health worker deaths has led to the collapse of efforts to control the mounting victim toll. What (or who) lies at the heart of the epidemic is for you to uncover!

  • Chapter 5 – The Tomb – In this grand finale, players are transported deep into the mountains of Upper Mesopotamia to face the demon Pazuzu where one last confrontation will put everything they have learned to the test. The episode features some unique VR mechanics as well as a powerful and exhilarating climax.

“The team at Wolf & Wood have really delivered on this franchise in every possible way,” says Fun Train’s CEO Douglas Nabors. “The intricate level of detail and deep sense of dread that they have instilled in these new experiences demonstrates how powerful virtual reality is for the horror genre and the VR gaming medium in general.”

In addition to the introduction of the final episodes, the entire series now features Spanish & Japanese subtitle localization, enhancements to the calibration system, as well as new comfort options to give players the most immersive experience possible. The Exorcist: Legion VR is compatible with Move and Dualshock controllers, allowing players to choose their preference and offers a variety of locomotion settings including free roam.

The Exorcist: Legion VR has been rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB.  Chapters 1 – 3 are available now for download from the PlayStation Store and Chapters 4 – 5 will be available on Tuesday, October 9 for an SRP of $6.99 each.  The Complete Series (including the forthcoming Chapter 4 “Samaritan” and Chapter 5 “The Tomb”) is available for $29.99 and players can purchase a Season Pass for $24.99 (Chapters 2- 5; Chapter 1 required).  For more information, please visit​​

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