Further Future Is Pushing the Festival Boundaries

Complete-Lineup-FINAL-MATTEFestival season is right around the corner. This is a crucial time for all you procrastinating festival-goers to decide on which enlightening event is deserving of your hard earned cash… because what better way to treat yourself than to experience a paradigm-shifting festival? Winner of the Best Music Festival Award in last year’s Best of Vegas Awards, Further Future is undeniably pushing the boundaries in the music festival realm. You must be asking: how does one push boundaries when there are festivals like Coachella, EDC or Burningman? Taking place at the Moapa River Indian Reservation near Las Vegas from April 29th to May 1st, Further Future is bringing something new to the table that no other festival on the globe is doing. It encompasses a blend of music, art, gastronomy, technology, wellness and community all into one hypnotic happening.

To begin with, the line-up is absolutely mind-blowing. It brings together an ensemble of artists coming from different musical backgrounds such as Lee Burridge, Jam City, Caribou and Dixon… all playing in one festival? It’s almost too good to be true…

This innovative festival poses a profound emphasis on spiritual wellbeing. It offers various mental and physical exercises such as yoga, meditation and sensory experiences given by trained professionals in the field. Research and data have proved time and time again that these practices can only strengthen the mind, body and soul.


Further Future will also be featuring visionary leaders to share their entrepreneurial stories with you. You will be in the presence of speakers from Alphabet Inc., iHeartMedia, Facebook, Neuroscience Imaging Center and many more successful companies that have pushed the envelope in media, science, technology and humanity. Attending these talks can only bring you a massive breath of inspiration, motivation and a turbulence of new ideas.


What’s a festival without good food and beverages? Prepare to be introduced to an exquisite gastronomic scene of world-renowned mixologists and high-esteems chefs to satisfy any craving you may have. There will be a vendor village available to you 24-hours a day along with a pop-up dinner series that will include a variety of delectable plates such as black cod miso, smoked foie gras, Moroccan spiced lamb shoulder and caviar. Talk about foodgasm bonanza.


Not to mention, Further Future brings festival fashion to another level, as it cultivates a very future-esque look that is not cliché nor is it over-the top. The sophisticated architectural structures and creative wear of otherworldliness is perfect for people to really immerse themselves in a transcendent experience, bringing you a revelation that will change your perspective on what a “festival” should really be about.


This three-day festival will take you on a journey like no other, and the best part? You’re partying in the Nevada dessert… Get ready to be submerged in an ocean of alluring vibes, feet-soothing sand, empty space and heart-fluttering beats. If you are looking for a festival that will bring you to a higher level of existence, buy your tickets here:








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