Further Future Enhances the Technological Experience

Coalescing Music and Technology Like Never Before

… And the countdown begins. Fifteen days until Further Future (FF002) kicks off. This week, Fest300 released an article listing festivals that are pushing the boundaries of academics and education. If you guessed that Further Future made the list, you were right.


It’s already established that the festival line-up is absolutely immaculate – that’s a given. Further Futurists will be serenaded with the astonishing sound of internationally-renowned artists such as Lee Burridge from England, Caribou from Canada and Dixon from Germany – only to name a few. From April 29th to May 1st, the Indian Moapa Reservation will be home to an exhibition of heart-stirring sets, a vibrant gastronomic scene, an array of visionary speakers and a blend of yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices. You would think that there is nothing missing… But wait. There’s more: these are just some of the many technological offerings Further Future has up its sleeve.


The award-winning event has announced that it will be hosting an enriched program that will enthral you to the core as it will be placing a large emphasis on exploring the future of technology: artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and more. Coalescing music and technology like never before, this program will feature Oscar-nominated director of Requiem for a Dream Darren Aronofsky, creator of the Avegant Glyph VIRTUAL reality Yobie Benjamin, co-founder of the experience design team Moment Factory Sakchin Bessette, and many more inspired innovators that are pushing the envelope in modern technology. Some of the most successful leaders in the tech-realm such as Google/Alphabet Inc. executive chairman Eric Schmidt, CEO of iHeartMedia and MTV founder Bob Pittman, along with the head of product for Facebook messenger Stan Chudnovsky will be attending this wildly anticipated event.


This exhilirating 3-day experience will be introducing the festival-goers to a wide range of demos, talks and panels that will integrate Further Futurists, allowing them to interact with the same people leadings today’s tech-revolution. The festival will also be launching an immersive 3D audio space called ENVELOP Satellite, developed by Christopher Willits from San Francisco, California. This is a non-profit next-level performance venue that literally envelops you in a visual transfixion and an audio reverie. Willits and his team share the passion and goal of propelling the development of immersive media for the good of art and science. This sphere-shaped audiospace will have speakers set up all around the space – even above and below the Further Futurists – demonstrating the true meaning of “surround sound”.

kv2-vyroba-048-2-kopie(1)FF002 is also bringing in one of the most sophisticated companies in audio equipment manufacturing , KV2 Audio, to project purified sound across the Nevada Dessert. Made in Czech Republic with passion and pride, KV2 is anything but a money-grabbing corporate company trying to build low-quality products in the hopes of making large amounts of  profit. This small manufacturer is focused on developing the best audio equipment to enhance the listening experience with their VH2.0 system, a diligently crafted speaker with the ability to project sound clarity that is almost unfathomable to produce at large festivals.

The list goes on… but I wouldn’t want to spoil everything for you. There is so much that this festival has to offer and it would be a shame for you to miss out.

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