Gamevice Is Bringing Console Control To Mobile Gaming

The leader in mobile controllers compatible with over 1000 games, Gamevice, is releasing a bundle that Minecraft and mobile users alike will enjoy.

The exciting and new bundle will include a special carrying case for the controller attachment, and a code to download Minecraft on iOS. The iPhone bundle is now available on, starting at $89.95 and will also be available at select retailers across the US.

Gamevice aims to create seamless cross-platform gameplay by enabling mobile users with the ability to play Minecraft the same way that they would on PlayStation or Xbox. The controller attachment will also eliminate any latency while playing Minecraft thanks to Gamevice’s highly responsive buttons and joysticks. The controller will also work for Samsung users.

So there you have it guys! If you’re into mobile gaming, then be sure to pick up one of Gamevice’s controller attachments for yourself!

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JJ King

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