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In a world full of dangers and risks it is difficult to trust; but when we trust the right people, we become strong, united and more human. This is the message of “Confía” [Trust], Gepe‘s new single in collaboration with Latin alternative music legend and the iconic voice of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs band, Vicentico.

With a dreamlike video directed by Esteban Bustos, Gepe and Vicentico invite us to enter the world of trust. A stimulating place where humanoids, calacas and ghosts move amidst the questions and answers launched by the lyrics of the song; an invitation to join in a joyful and fun celebration. These are the emotions that connect us and show the strength that comes from the feeling of trust.

The song worked on with two-time Grammy winner for producer of the year, Cachorro López, is also an insight into what we keep and the need for us to share it. Describing this new song, Gepe says: “musically it has a lot of Cuban and Central American influence, as well as a milonga reference on the guitar. It also has a Latin beat arrangement, Orisha style, inspired by Latin hip-hop of the nineties”.

About this new and stellar collaboration with Vicentico, the Chilean comments: “It makes a lot of sense in the music as well as in the lyrics. There are many things in this song that I draw from Vicentico’s influence, so it’s great to have him in a song with so many references to his work. I admire him very much and I think the song grew enormously with his participation. I love the result and it’s one of my favorite songs on the album.”

As a result, Gepe continues to demonstrate the great versatility that has placed him as one of the most outstanding musicians and composers of the new wave of Latin American singer-songwriters. His proposal, the result of the mixture of Andean folklore with elements of contemporary rock and pop, has earned him several recognitions around the world. A proposal that is amplified by Gepe’s live work and that, given the current impossibility of offering concerts, has had to be transformed into video with the acoustic versions that he has launched through YouTube, including some of his latest releases such as “Prisionero”, “Timidez” and “Calle Cima”.

Recently the artist’s catalogue was joined by “tupenaesmipena” and “Buena Memoria”, tracks that, together with the previously mentioned and “Confía”, will form part of his eagerly awaited eighth album and follow-up of Folclor Imaginario, a tribute to the folklorist Margot Loyola, rated by Rolling Stone as one of the best Latin albums of 2018.

If you’ve never trusted anyone, today is the day… Confía.