Get Dead Drops First Full-Length Album Bad News With Fat Wreck Chords

Today is a big day for Fat Wreck Chords as the San Francisco-based, independent punk label deliverers a perfectly gruffed up album from the band Get Dead, entitled Bad News July 23.

Bad News is the first full-debut album being released by the by predominantly electric/acoustic San Francisco-based punk rock band just today.

The band first began performing together in 2007 after their respective bands called it quits and just so happen to have caught the attention of NOFX frontman Fat Mike. Mike signed the band to his label Fat Wreck Chords and began production of Bad News at his own Motor Studios in the band’s home turf, San Francisco.

Bad News features 12 punk infused tracks highlighting the band’s distinctive taste in sound throughout the album. The album delivers a rather pleasing caustic touch, forever embedding its relatable and catchy lyrics into one’s musical memory bank.

Frontman and lead vocalist, Sam King belts out heavier and throatier vocals which are hybridized by more pleasantly melodic and harmonic tunes. Instrumentals in this are sure to deliver as well, varying from heavier punk-filled, rock & roll inspired riffs to more subtle and introspective acoustic jams. “Most of us are of Irish descent so I think that our style of punk rock comes from that upbringing,” King said.

“Everything we write about is based on our own personal experiences and these songs are all about real-life events that actually happened to us,” King said. With emotionally stirring songs like, “Burnout” or chaotic, punk-driven signatures such as “This One’s For Johnny.”

The band will be touring Europe this July and is hoping to be announcing a U.S tour sometime this Fall. In the meantime, if you don’t buy their newest album, well, then that’s just Bad News for you, PUNK.

Get Dead “This One’s For Johnny” Music Video

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