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Gogoro Smartscooter: Revolutionizing Transportation

Panasonic’s commitment to innovation was in full force last week at International CES 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. It started when they held their press conference at the opening of the show to discuss their partnership with Tesla Motors among their many efforts to develop sustainable technology. And naturally, Panasonic unveiled their new lineup of ultra high definition televisions.

But it is safe to say that what stole the show wasn’t a fancy new television, it was the new Smartscooter.

Image courtesy of Gogoro Scooter
Image courtesy of Gogoro Scooter

Gogoro, working in partnership with Panasonic, unveiled the world’s first high-performance, zero emissions, two-wheeled electric vehicle at CES 2015: the Gogoro Smartscooter. The Smartscooter utilizes the precision, processes and materials used for supercars to offer a user friendly top-level performance that is accessible to the mass market. From design to everyday function, the Gogoro Smartscooter and accompanying Gogoro Energy Network promise to change transportation in cities across the world.

“Gogoro is committed to reshaping the way major urban areas utilize energy, and its compelling vision of transformation has great potential for smart cities,” said Yoshihiko Yamada, Executive Vice President of Panasonic. “As strategic partners, Gogoro and Panasonic are working closely to deliver on this vision through a variety of innovations and industry firsts.”

Image courtesy of Gogoro Inc.
Image courtesy of Gogoro Inc.

In order to deliver unprecedented power, agility, acceleration and handling, Gogoro has reimagined the entire ride experience by creating a unique powertrain, chassis, suspension and electronics to deliver the best efficiency, handling, acceleration and riding range possible. From the drivetrain to the dashboard, the Gogoro Smartscooter features an ultra-compact but power-packed and efficient electric motor, a strong but light Aeroframe monocoque chassis comprised of racing grade aluminum, and a smooth and responsive suspension system.

One of the Smartscooter’s biggest strengths is that riders do not need to wait to refuel or recharge their Smartscooter. The battery is compact enough to be removed and swapped with a new, freshly charged battery. At CES 2015 Gogoro announced The Gogoro Energy Network, a modular battery-swapping infrastructure that can be deployed across a city to provide broad consumer access to portable power through battery vending machines called GoStations. The development of the Gogoro Energy Network allows riders to swap depleted batteries with charged ones at any GoStation. Batteries can be reserved in advance and a subscription-based payment model offers unlimited access to as many charged batteries as needed.

“With the world’s megacities at a tipping point in population density, pollution fallout and rapid expansion, it is essential that we reimagine the energy infrastructure and create a renewed mindset for change in tomorrow’s urban generation,” said Horace Luke, co-founder and CEO of Gogoro. “The Smartscooter and Gogoro Energy Network will capture the hearts of the next generation and become a catalyst for more efficient, cleaner, and smarter energy choices in our cities.”

Image courtesy of Gogoro Scooter
Image courtesy of Gogoro Scooter

On the software side, the Gogoro iQ System puts the power of a personal computer in the Smartscooter by wirelessly synchronizing the Smartscooter, Gogoro app, Gogoro Battery, GoStation and the Gogoro Energy Network. The app utilizes the Gogoro iQ System to find the closest GoStation, deliver detailed scooter diagnostics, adaptive throttle control, customized regenerative braking, and the ability to track ride details like the top speed and range so the rider can analyze riding patterns to optimize power and energy consumption.

In short, the Gogoro Smartscooter’s hyper-connectivity enables the rider to become a smarter commuter. The announcement of the Gogoro Energy Network is also incredibly exciting because Gogoro is supporting one of the most attractive functions of their Smartscooter—the removable battery—with a high-tech and accessible infrastructure that will guarantee that the Smartscooter fulfills its promise as a practical and effective transportation option for commuters. Both the Smartscooter and the Gogoro Energy Networkwill begin initial rollout in 2015.

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