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Gold Cup: Costa Rica and Jamaica End In Tie

Costa Rica v Jamaica
Photo by Michael Sandoval/M.U.S.E.

Carson, CA—Costa Rica and Jamaica take their first step onto the field for their Gold Cup debut. Both teams’ national anthem are heard for the first time at StubHub Field in Carson, CA and joining in for the chorus are the fans making the stadium vibrate.

 Now that the anthems are finished, Costa Rica and Jamaica are ready to start the game. Both teams take a shot at each others goal, but no luck.
Jamaica Gets close into Costa Rican territory making the men in red jerseys tremble and right in the 13th minute number 22, Garath McCleary gets the ball, takes a shot and scores. Costa Rica, the favorite to win the Gold Cup is fighting to get back into the game, stealing the ball any minute they can but, the Jamaicans won’t let go of their victory so far against the Costa Ricans.
19 Costa Rica
Roy Miller scores a goal in the 33rd minute to tie the game against Jamaica. Photo by Michael Sandoval/M.U.S.E.

In the 30th minute a Costa Rican player gets fouled and gets a free kick out of it, suddenly number 19, Roy Miller sees an opportunity and scores for the tie in the 33rd minute. The men in Red take control of the ball again, see another advantage to take the lead, and number 21, David Ramirez shoots it towards the goal but, Jamaican number 4, Westley Morgan finishes and shoots it into his own goal making it 2-1 Costa Rica.

Garath McCleary whom also plays for Reading FC gets an opportunity to tie up the game with his corner kick, sends it towards Westley Morgan and he fails to make a goal, with an additional minute the match comes to a halt for halftime. So far, Costa Rica the team that was on the top eight in the World cup is making their fans proud.
The second half resumes with teams rearranging their goal sides and Jamaica kicking the ball, a hard start for the Costa Ricans as one of their players falls to the ground, no serious injury though.  Costa Rican players see Mcanuff running with the ball towards the goal trying to stop him, but no harm done, then Costa Rican Goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado Brown gets out of his zone and tries to take the ball away from the Jamaican player but number 10, Joel Mcanuff ties up the game making it 2-2.
Jamaican player, number 15, Je-Vaughn Watson from FC Dallas gets a yellow card for entering too hard into CostaRican player. Both teams attack each others goals, but both goalies stay focused during the game and make sure no ball gets through them. Number 17, Captain Rudolph Austin from Jamaica gets a free kick shoots the ball and hits one of his own players.
Another foul called for Jamaica against Costa Rica and Elias Aguilar takes the free kick, hits one of the Jamaican players taking it into corner kick territory; Celso Borges number 5 kicks it but no goal.  There minutes are added to the game both teams take the last shots and no score, whistles are heard and indicates the end of the match. Both teams are given one-point due to the match-up ending in a tie. Costa Rica and Jamaica has two days to clean-up and make the necessary movements to come out victorious against Canada and El Salvador on Saturday at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston.
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