CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015

Gold Cup: Mexico Defeats Cuba 6-0 At Soldier Field

Chicago, Illinois—The Most awaited game for Group C starts at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois, the match between Mexico and Cuba has fans on their feet soon as both teams enter the field. The atmosphere can be felt, even through the T.V. of how much people have been anticipating this match. As soon as the ball rolls, Cuba’s Goal seems to have some sort of magnet towards the Mexican team because throughout the first-half Mexico was constantly at Cuba’s side. Guillermo Ochoa, goalie for Mexico almost sat down at the bleachers because Cuba rarely went to his side (sarcasm). As much as Mexico was on Cuba’s side they continuously made mistakes and missed obvious opportunities to score.

At minute 13 one of Cuba’s players almost makes an auto goal, scaring the Cuban bench, but luckily fails to go inside the net. Only four-minutes go by when Oribe Peralta number 19 makes a goal for Mexico, various Mexican players failed to make a goal but with Peralta’s quick reflexes he reacts, sees Guardado passing him the ball and headers it in, putting his team in the lead 1-0.  In the 22nd minute Mexico sees another opportunity to score and Jonathan Dos Santos #8 knows this as he passes it to Carlos Vela #11 who shoots and scores for Mexico’s second goal in their first match for CONCACAF’S Gold Cup making it 2-0.

Mexico keeps attacking the Cuban’s, leaving them without any chance to breathe and at minute 32, Cubans begin to run around trying to block Andres Guardado, #18 as they see him coming towards their goal, but luckily he misses an open shot; men from Cuba even leave him enough space for him to make another goal, one of the many mistakes Cuba struggled with. Poor Cuba can’t catch a break, right at minute 34 Paul Aguilar #22 passes the ball to Oribe Peralta and Cuba gets saved again, he misses another shot that could’ve given Mexico a 3-0 lead.

A major mistake was made by today’s referee when Cuban goalkeeper, Diosvely Guerra Santiesteban clearly grabs Carlos Vela by his foot in the penalty zone at minute 34, but fails to make a penalty call.  Obviously, Mexico is mad about this call because the referee and the sideline referee saw when the infraction happened. That makes Mexican players mad and Oribe Peralta at minute 36, with a pass of Hector Herrera makes the score 3-0, a second goal for the Mexican player in this match. Just a minute passed when Guardado, given the ball by Paul Aguilar, almost makes another goal. That wasn’t the only intent at minute 42, Dos Santos gives the ball to Peralta and misses another great opportunity for a beautiful goal. Right before the first-half ends, Guardado comes from behind surprising the Cuban players and takes the ball and headers it into the net, now making the score 4-0.

As the second-half starts, minute 62 approaches when Carlos Vela passes the ball to Oribe Peralta, he realizes the shot he has, quickly acts upon the opportunity shoots it and finishes it with his foot scoring for Mexico making it 5-0, he also accomplishes his very first hat trick of the tournament. Mexico never loses a chance and seem to grab the ball any chance they get, like at minute 67 when Gio Dos Santos has an intention to make a goal but Cuba’s goalie blocks it with his face. Diego Reyes #5 also gives it a shot and tries to make a goal of his own, but has no luck. Vela, player from Real Sociedad tries to make his second goal, shoots it to the net but Cuba’s goalie grazes the ball enough to send it to the pole, making Cuba’s heart beat faster.

At minute 71 Giovani Dos Santos knows he can make a goal runs with the ball shoots it and scored, but the referee calls it off-sides, Gio thinking he made a goal continues to celebrate with his teammates, but Carlos Vela lets him know of the issue and shrugs it off. That doesn’t stop Gio from trying to make another goal, at minute 75 Miguel Layun #7 gives Gio the ball and finally scores a goal, he finalizes the game with a 6-0 lead for Mexico earning them three-points for the tournament. Although, Mexico shutout Cuba, they still made a lot of careless mistakes, those mistakes may cost them a game in the upcoming matches they have coming up on Sunday July 12, 2015. Cuba also deserves a round of applause because they played a clean game, unlike other teams that automatically start to play dirty, they hung in there and hopefully better themselves in their next game against Trinidad and Tobago, who won today against Guatemala 3-1.

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