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Gold Cup: Trinidad and Tobago Crushes Guatemala

Chicago, Illinois- Trinidad and Tobago start off their 2015 Gold Cup match with Guatemala at Soldier Field. Both teams come out from the tunnel waiting to finally start the match that could change their lives. Although, both teams seek for the glorious three-points, Trinidad and Tobago seem a bit hungrier than Guatemala early on in the first-half. Right off, Joevin Jones from Trinidad and Tobago proves to be a nightmare for Guatemala, he continuously takes the ball away from the Guatemalan’s and seeks any opportunity to try to make a goal for his team.

Trinidad and Tobago gets an opportunity to make a goal with a corner kick and Bateau scores a fantastic first goal for the men in red.  Guatemala seems to be intimidated by their rivals speed and without any hesitation Cato takes the ball away and runs as fast as he can “juking” the Guatemalan players ending in another goal for Trinidad and Tobago, putting them in a comfortable lead of 2-0 for the first-half. Sadly, Guatemala seems to deteriorate early in the first-half, while the opposing team shows great confidence in their first-match. With that said, #3 Joevin Jones Guatemala’s nightmare, takes the lead with the ball, running towards their goal passes it to #9 Kenwyne Jones receives the ball, but kicks it as is making it too-high for another goal.

Here, comes Mr. Nightmare, Joevin with the ball, kicks it and finally scores for his team Trinidad and Tobago at the 25th minute. Trinidad and Tobago’s speed is what’s hurting Guatemala in the first-half, anytime they have the ball they take advantage and run rapidly towards their goal and take off any rival around them, greatly affecting the Guatemalan team. The first yellow card is issued to Daneil Cyrus, and just after that Trinidad and Tobago gets close to scoring again, but Lanin saves it in the 36th minute. After a minute added to the first-half it comes to an end, Trinidad and Tobago show superiority defensively and offensively.

Once the second-half starts Guatemala starts showing more enthusiasm and hunger to start scoring against the opposing team. Guatemala gets their first free-kick after 48-minutes, but loses the opportunity to make their first-goal. Confusion in the field due to a referee not marking a penalty for Guatemala when clearly there was a hand for the Trinidad and Tobago team, instead the referee marks another foul and gives a yellow card to #6 Radanfah Abu Bakr from Trinidad and Tobago. During a play Carlos Ruiz throws an elbow to the opposing player and is issued a yellow card in the 72nd minute, right after Wilson Lalin also receives a yellow card. With five more minutes added to the second-half Trinidad and Tobago still leads 3-1, referee whistles indicating the end of the second-half and sadly, Guatemala loses the three-points. This has been the first-match with various yellow cards, which is dangerous for their next match-ups which will be on Wednesday, July 15.

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