Google Maps: New Gmaps is Announced and Latitude is Discontinued

Google announced today that it will discontinue its long people tracking software, Latitude. However, those that like to exploit themselves to the word – of their friends and acquaintances – can still do so.  A feature on Google+ will take over for Latitude. Latitude is set to be discogoogle brzntinued on Aug 9th 2013.

A new Google Maps was also launched with continued improvements to the worlds most popular navigation app. The good news is that Google has announced the release with enhanced features that include integration with flashy new card system that many operating systems are making the switch to, with local suggestions. A tablet specific version will also launch. Google has included integration with reviews, Zagat and offers. An improved navigation system is also part of the new package. The new Google Maps is starting to roll out in different regions as of today.

Google will continue with its success in getting people where they need to go with this updated app.

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