Gotham To End with the Bat

Yesterday at the winter TCA during the FOX television panel was a special send off to the popular show Gotham as it concludes it series run on April 25.

Prior to talking to the panel a video of the remaining episodes was played and we got to see some major spoilers and what to expect. We saw Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith in their full Riddler and Penguin glory and Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) see’s someone in the dark as the police behind him say who is that, with Jim replying a friend. Gave us our first very short glimpse of Batman in the Gotham universe.

When asked if will it be David Mazouz as the final Batman?  And can we now safely assume that Cameron Monaghan is playing The Joker? 
“This is going to sound evasive, but I’m going to say yes and no to that question. Because both happen to be true, don’t they?” said John Stephens Showrunner/Executive producer of the show .

Stephens added, “Because David is a strapping young man, but our Batman suit is for someone who is 64, and yet the face that you see under the cowl is a hundred percent David Mazouz’s face.  And we’ll hear David’s voice as well in his own Batman’y growl, I would say.”

David Mazouz added into the conversation that fellow Gotham actor Ben McKenzie helped him with the batman growl.

As for the Joker in the room Cameron Monaghan deflected the question with “Am I going to be the who? and The who?  I’m sorry? 

Monaghan did add, “I mean, I can tell you, but I’d have to kill you, right?  That’s one that’s sealed.” He added, “For me, too, I think that there’s something really interesting about The Joker and reinvention the idea that that’s a character that’s chameleonic. “He changes depending on the situation. We’ve seen this character be reinvented so many different times across the show. So we’ve seen different permutations.  And now, the final version of it is kind of it’s all crystallized into this final form, I would say.  So it’s not even so much a new person as it is, I think, it’s just the distilled version of what we’ve been doing for five years.”

Stephens expanded on Monaghan’s comments with, ” Yeah.  It’s very much in the spirit of the way we approached the show in so many ways, where we wanted to create a canon that was both inside the canon and outside the canon.  And I feel like Cameron’s character, in all the iterations of the characters that he played  Jerome, Jeremiah, and the new character that no one has seen yet that he plays this season  if he’s not The Joker, then he’s someone who does provide the origin story for the person who you’re going to see later on, going  so you can look at that later guy and go, oh, yeah.  I know.  I understand.  I understand where that came from.”

Donal Logue who has plays Harvey Bullock on the show closed the exchange with “Cameron might not be The Joker, but he’s my favorite joker of all times.”

Gotham is on Fox Thursday nights at 8pm ET/PT. The series will conclude on April 25.

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