Great Scott! Lexus Unveils its Hoverboard, the Slide

Get ready to go Back to the Future as Lexus officially announced the arrival of the highly anticipated hoverboard, the Slide. The Japanese automotive manufacturer took on this 403 day labor of love by combining skateboarding, technology, and motion design to create the Slide.

lbsp-3How It Works
The board uses liquid-nitrogen-cooled superconductors (steam in the video) and permanent magnets to make the board levitate.  Because it does use magnets, the Slide currently can’t be used anywhere other than the park developed by Lexus.  The Park itself has magnets embedded in the concrete helping create the magnetic force needed for the board to levitate.





LexusThe Design
Lexus incorporated the iconic Lexus spindle grille signature shape and uses materials found across the brand (natural bamboo).



The Details
11.5kg - Weight with Magnets and Liquid Nitrogen
32 - Superconductor Bulks
50oz - Liquid Nitrogen
Bamboo Top - Natural Bamboo
Carbon Fibre Finish - Ultra-lightweight Casing

Despite the excitement center around the Slide, Lexus has no plans to release the hoverboard for sale to the general public. Tough luck McFly.



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