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NFT’s are becoming more popular in the investment industry. On July 29, Otis, a stock market for cultural assets, dropped their first-ever fractionalized NFT from Canadian musician Grimes, now available for investors.

Otis revealed that investors can now purchase ten dollars of Grimes NFTs. Grimes Newborns 1 & 3 are part of the first volume of the WarNympth collection, valued at $6,400. According to Otis, Grimes collaborated with Mac Boucher in making her inaugural series after years of experimenting across cutting-edge artistic mediums.

Based on Grimes association with visual arts, she said of WarNympth, “explores the fluidity of identity in the virtual age: the ability to create, augment, and splinter ourselves into unlimited avatars, create boundless worlds, and build rich, complex lore.”

Newborns 1 & 3 both feature images of angel-wing newborns in a different position. One image shows a newborn holding a bow and arrow, and the second shows a newborn holding a mini-blade.

Newborn 1

Newborn 3

The way it works in Otis is that investors can purchase shares for as little as ten dollars, and the assets will resemble shares of stocks where over time, their value will change. Besides making a profit, investors can also trade their shares at any time. Although this is the companies first fractionalized NFT offer, Otis believes the two collectibles will be a milestone in Grimes’s artistic career and the overall legacy of NFT artists.

As for the company, it will continue to change the alternative investment industry, especially as NFT’s become more popular and valuable. Already, Otis has more than 100 collectible assets available for investment. They range from Banksy originals to Michael Jordan‘s Shattered Backboard sneaker and other amazing valuables.