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Groupon: The Free App That Saves You Money

GrouponToday most individuals own a smart phone and along with the smartphone come hundreds and hundreds of phone apps. It is impossible to go through all phone applications so we find out about cool ones through friends and family.

Grouponis a free phone app that saves you money on food, attraction tickets, services, and vacations.

How it works: You pay  through the Groupon app with your debit or credit card and doing so allows you to receive a huge discount! Inputting your credit card information into a system may make you feel uneasy but as a Groupon user myself I assure you the app is very secure and safe!

An example of the savings : You pay $15 dollars with your credit card through the app for lunch at a restaurant but when you get to  the restaurant your voucher is good for $25 dollars worth of food granting you 40% off your meal! How awesome is that!?



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