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GuadaLAjara Film Festival formerly known as FICG in LA, presented in Los Angeles by University of Guadalajara Foundation USA, Grodman Foundation and the Festival Internacional de Guadalajara, has announced today in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an all virtual 2020 program.

Honoring Los Angeles along with the festival’s ten-year celebration since its debut in Los Angeles, a new name was revealed as GuadaLAjara Film Festival, honoring both cities that it was founded by. Keeping its same mission: to showcase the best of Latin American cinema and continue to serve as bridge for Latino filmmakers between Hollywood and Latin America. 

This year it will be a 100% virtual festival, which will begin on December 17 and end on December 19th, 2020 ( With the goal to expand the diverse voices of Latin films, this year’s festival will focus on Los Angeles, in hopes of diversifying it.

Considering those who have lived on both sides of the border, the festival desires to engage second and third generations of Latin filmmakers to educate others with their stories, being one of the largest minority groups in the United States. In hopes of sharing their experiences, it will entertain and pursue their mission of including various ethnicities in the Los Angeles region.

This year’s 10th edition will pay tribute to those who have led essential organizations that have shaped a better future for Latinos. CEO and Founder of Justice4Women Foundation, Monica Ramirez, will be the initiatory honoree. The proceeds for 2020’s net box office will go fully towards this non-profit organization, as it continues to support migrant women with better living and working conditions.

With the festival’s emphasis in films representing the institutions and individuals who work for the improvement of Latinos in the United States, the films also focus on the quality of life, equal justice and an improved education.

Welcoming Night: Director Conor Allyn’s NO MAN’S LAND, featuring Frank Grillo, George Lopez, Andie MacDowell and Esmeralda Pimentel. This film addresses the conflicts in the relationship between Latin America and the United States, from a person’s point of view.

Body: Director Rodrigo Reyes’499, has Eduardo San Juan Breña in the leading role of an adventurer in the 16th century, who begins writing stories of the societies who were degraded by the Spanish people.  

Culminating Night: Director Carlos López Estrada’s SUMMERTIME, which stars Paolina Acuña-Gonzaléz, Austin Antoine, Marquesha Babers, Bryce  Banks, Mila Cuda, Gordon IP and Tyris Winter. Focuses on the diverse City of Angels lifestyle, an important known area US.

The festival’s new mission is to show the best of Latin American cinema, and open doors for emerging Latinx creators, with the intention of cultivating a borderless film industry” stated Festival’s Director Ximena Urrutia Partida.
Also included in the festival are three featured “Masterclasses” with noteworthy talent:

Female Gaze: Informing about the uniqueness of the female gaze behind the camera. With the participation of directors such as Gia Coppola (Mainstream), Yulene Olaizola (Selva Tragica), Patricia Riggen (Under The Same Moon), alongside Moderator and Executive Director Maikiko James. These directors share how their passion for filmmaking grew, to share their voice and “behind the scenes” experiences.

Aiming through Animation: Latinx filmmakers become motivated through animation, especially those that aspire to have a larger platform as they want to live through an imaginative world, in hopes of uniting cultures. Contributors include Moderator Julia Ann Crommett (VP Multicultural Audience Engagement, Disney), Carlos Lopez Estrada (Director of Disney’s upcoming Ryan And The Last Dragon and Summertime) and Osnat Shurer (Producer of Moana and Ryan and The Last Dragon).

Expressions without Boundaries: Putting creative boundaries aside, writers will share their experiences as they collaborated with filmmakers from around the world, including Latin American and the U.S. Those participating in this conversation are David Barraza (Screenwriter of No Man’s Land), Moderator Christine Davila, Sebastián Hoffman (Screenwriter and Director of Time Share & Halley) and Mauricio Katz (Screenwriter of Maniac and Zero Zero Zero).

The festival’s continuation of the Work In Progress (WIP LATINO) program: Aspires to sponsor rising talent, helping narrative and documentary feature films. Former winners include award winning films like I’m No Longer Here. The winning film will obtain a $10,000 cash award, with 9 films competing in the WIP Latino of GuadaLAjara Film Festival. Of the 7 participating countries is the United States with a Latin production created in Los Angeles.

Showcasing in the festival are rising Latinx talent, Ibero-America and short films focusing on documentaries.