Halsey unleashes another storm with new single “Now Or Never”

It’s now or never and Halsey decided that now would be the best time to regenerated the storm that she is with her new single, announced on Tuesday, April 4.

Ironically called “Now Or Never,” the single comes post first album and multiple side projects such as the stripped version of “Colors,” a duet with The Chainsmokers for “Closer” and featured track “Not Afraid Anymore,” from Fifty Shades Darker.  

What starts off as “delicate,” (she explains as the song’s identity in a flood of tweets following the single’s release) “Now Or Never” experiments with doses of club beats and mixtures of saturation.  The twenty-two-year-old’s voice, as sweet as it is equally strong, cuts yet again over the many electro-pop sounds layered underneath it, always as a pleasure to listen to.

Like quintessential Halsey tracks “Now Or Never” has its own backstory, this time it is just told in the fewest but compelling lyrics as possible. Rather than the standalone narratives in “Badlands,” this new track  fits into a much larger piece expecting to unfold on her sophomore album, “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.”

June 2 for is going to be a long wait but thankfully, she settled our anticipation, for now, with the corelease of the “Now or Never” music video.

Clear skies may be the forecast momentarily but look out on the horizon for the months to come because “never having a second album” is clearly not on her agenda. Pre-order “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” here.


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