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Harry Potter and the Red Carpet Experience

Hogwarts Makes It To Hollywood

As I was in my apartment applying mascara on my eyes and curling my hair with precision, I looked at myself in the mirror and said: whatever happens happens. Just don’t fall.

This was my first time working press at a red carpet event: I really did not know what to expect.
For this reason, I did not wear heels.IMG_3383.JPG-1 (2)

When the executive producer of MUSE, Michael Sandoval, and I set foot on the Universal Studios’ ground, I felt a strong sense of excitement in the theme park. We set up our tripod, camera and mic at the red carpet where there were dozens of other journalists and reporters lined up.

After waiting for two hours, the celebrities finally started trickling down the red carpet. I first saw Vanessa Hudgens who obviously wanted nothing to do with the press. Her and her friends quickly paced down the carpet ignoring all the “Vanessa, do you have time for one question?” or “Hey Vanessa!” shouts that were being mDSC_0009ade by various reporters. I didn’t even bother. She wasn’t stopping for nobody.

Finally, I started talking to some stars who actually wanted to stop and chat for a bit. When I asked Warwick Davis who plays Professor Flitwick in the Harry Potter series about how he was feeling being back in the World of Harry Potter after 6 years, he said that he was feeling quite emotional, since this was an experience that really changed his life.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 5.56.18 PM
I asked the host of @midnight on Comedy Central, Chris Hardwick, which school of magic he identifies most with, and he said
Ravenclaw. He surprised me by being able to recite the quote attributed to Ravenclaw with absolute ease: “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.” He justified himself by saying, “Ravenclaw is the nerds. It’s the nerd house […]  Ravenclaw would be the house that would read the Harry Potter books.”

Then… the one and only Steven Spielberg made his appearance. He was “running late” so he graciously refused to take any questions and wished everyone a good night. That’s the right way of doing things… (*ahem* Vanessa *cough*).

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 5.58.03 PMI had the amazing opportunity to briefly speak with Tom Felton who plays Draco Malfoy in the series. He admitted that playing Draco was great because he got the chance to develop over ten years and that he probably won’t have the luxury of doing that again.

The Phelps brothers were as humble and adorable as can be! After asking them about their reaction when they announced that Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 6.12.15 PM
another Wizarding World of Harry Potter was being built in Hollywood, they said that they were actually not that shocked because there is such a big demand for it. “Hogwarts in Hollywood… that has a nice ring to it.” said Oliver.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra gave us a performance of a lifetime by playing brilliant segments of the enchanting Harry Potter film score conducted by world-renowned and legendary composer, John Williams. Hogwarts lit up like magic and the ceremony was closed with beautiful fireworks shimmering over the grand castle that has finally come to life in Hollywood, California.

I finished the night riding the Forbidden Journey twice, drinking lots of butter beer, walking in and out of various shops in Hogsmeade, and receiving my first magical wand.



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Kheanna Walker

Montreal-born journalist/reporter living in Los Angeles, California.

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