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HBO Max Pa’lante! is teaming up with WORD, an Afro-Latina owned creative agency dedicated to cultural storytelling, to launch “Are You Listening?.” A content and community initiative inspired by HBO’s iconic and award-winning show, Habla.

The show features sometimes funny, often poignant and always thoughtful testimonials from U.S Latinos reflecting, celebrating and honoring the Latinx experience in the U.S. The stories told have an educational and cultural impact both with the fast-growing American Latino community and with a broader audience.

“For more than a decade we’ve worked with Alberto Ferreras, creator of the award-winning series Habla, to bring inspiring, thought-provoking and educational content that shines a light on the Latinx experience in the U.S.,” said Jackie Gagne, Senior Vice President, Multicultural Marketing, WarnerMedia. “Our partnership with WORD and the universal experiences shared in Habla will provide an opportunity to introduce the groundbreaking series to a new audience, while bridging cultural gaps, engaging with our audience and providing a platform for thoughtful reflection.”

Partnering up with some of the most impactful organizations in the Latinx community, such as the LA based non profit Las Fotos Club, Latinx Therapy, Good Moms, Bad Choices. And inspirational individuals like the poet Yesika Salgado, Dr. Griselda Rodriguez of The Brujas of Brooklyn, youth activists Sara Mora & Luis Hernandez, the founder of Beauty Blender, Reann Silva and more.

This initiative is a four-part series that will run throughout the remainder of the year and will focus on four themes with each part including a digital vignette and community gathering events. It will call to reflect—a moment to stop, observe, go inward and consider the ways we communicate with each other and ourselves. Anyone can talk, but are we truly listening?

“I’m Panamanian, Jamaican and Jewish from New York City. Growing up, I craved to see stories, experiences and FACES that reflected the one I saw in the mirror. Now I know that those challenging experiences of feeling unseen, were setting me up for the work I do today through WORD: cultural storytelling that reflects the nuances of being human. Of being Latinx. Of being young, Black, complex, joyful and sometimes filled with rage. All the things I wish I had seen as a young person,” said, Zoila Darton, Founder & Creative Director of WORD, “I’m so grateful to HBO and the Pa’lante! team for trusting us to tell these stories – for always being a place for the in between. A series like “Habla” and campaigns like “Are You Listening?” are medicine for the soul. We’re just grateful to be a vessel.”

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