HBO Sports To Premiere Documentary About Craig Carton

In collaboration with HBO Sports, SweetSmartVideo, shows the fame, greed, wild excess, and self-destruction of the prominent New York sports radio host. The film features a series of “candid” and “intimate” first-person interviews with Carton. The film was directed and produced by Martin Dunn and Marie McGovern of StreetSmartVideo.

The film shows his insatiable gambling addiction, financed by an illicit ticket brooking business, brought his career to a sudden halt when he was arrested by FBI agents and charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, and securities fraud.

“Craig gave us unprecedented access to his world as it was crumbling around him,” says Marie McGovern. “We see Craig in real-time as he weathers public scrutiny and endures private pain. The emotion is real and raw.”

“Craig is a fascinating and complex character,” says Martin Dunn. “He knows that people either love or hate his on-air persona. But as his close friends and former colleagues reveal, there are many more facets to his life.”

Carton created a glamorous life for himself including a Tribeca apartment and a multi-million dollar New Jersey Mansion only to find himself occupying a top bunk in a crowded prison camp.

Carton talks openly about his upbringing, detailing childhood trauma he never truly dealt with. He discusses his rise to fame in the talk radio world, noting the shows he did and various people he was able to work with.

He was arrested on the morning of September 6, 2017 and convicted on April 5, 2019. He was sentenced to 42 months in federal prison on fraud charges, the 51-year-old began his sentence that June.

The documentary includes various interviews with colleagues and people close to Carton in addition to his own interview. Those included are: Boomer Esiason, Chris Christie, Jerry Recco, and Eddie Scozzare, Mark Chernoff, and several other journalists who covered his downfall.

The film will debut Wednesday, October 7 and 9:00p.m. ET/PT on HBO. It will be available on HBO and to stream on HBO Max

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