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What is considered to be the “worst of the internet” is now in the forefront of the mind of some Americans. QAnon is home to the most ridiculous and ludicrous ideologies the world has ever heard of. Yet surprisingly, some actually believe the nonsense posted by the pseudonymous blogger “Q.”

Directed by Cullen Hoback, Q: Into The Storm, is a six-part documentary series that spanned three years of following Hoback as he traveled across the globe on a labyrinthine journey to uncover the forces behind QAnon. Chronicling its evolution in real time and revealing how “Q” uses information warfare to game the internet, hijack politics and manipulate the mindset.

It is a movement fueled by conspiracy theories, that has grown in scope and is said to be the driving source responsible for the January 6th capital riots.

“QAnon derives its power from anonymity and secrecy, so I set out to unmask and demystify the whole thing, gaining access to key players over the course of several years.” Says Hoback “Audiences can take an unfiltered look at what transpired behind the scenes and uncover the forces that drove Q’s most ardent believers to storm the Capitol.”

Hoback gains unprecedented access to key players including Jim and Ron Watkins, the father/son team behind the 8chan website, the site “Q” calls home; explores their rivalry with Fredrick Brennan, the original creator of the platform; and interviews “Q-tubers”, Q debunkers, political operatives, and journalists who have been closely following the movement since it began in 2017.

“Nothing takes away the power of conspiracy theories and lies more than exposing them to the light of day.” Says executive producer Adam McKay “Cullen’s three-year deep dive into the world of Q and the dark fringes of the internet is a powerful blast of clarity and truth exactly when we need it. I can’t believe he pulled this off.”

The series examines the connections between QAnon, President Trump, and political and ex-military operatives. It also explores QAnon’s influence on American culture and politics and probes the consequences of unfettered free speech permeating the darkest corners of the internet.

Back-to-back episodes will continue to air on Sundays at 9:00 p.m ET/PT on HBO Max.