‘Hello’ to Adele’s New Single

Adele is back and ready to make up with us after her break from the music world for the last couple years. The singer hasn’t released an album since her major hit album “21” but earlier this week shocked the world by announcing that her newest album was going to release soon as well as a new single that dropped today. Her announcement came on Twitter in a long statement that explained how her previous albums had been “breakup” albums but her newest one, “25” was all about “getting to know who I’ve become without realizing it.” Before this announcement the singer had not been active on social media since earlier this August.

Her single “Hello” from the new album was released today and is already a trending topic all over the internet as well as on the charts. It debuted at #1 on the iTunes charts, beating out the new singles that also dropped this week from One Direction and Justin Bieber. The song continues to have the beautiful softness and melodic tone that most Adele songs are now known to have, but the lyrics are what stand out in this new song. In previous albums it sounded more like Adele was singing for herself, to justify that she didn’t need all the heartbreak and emotions that someone had given her. But “Hello” is about apologizing to someone and asking to reach out even though she knows that she has broken their heart but after all this time wants to set things right.

The single is accompanied with a music video that also debuted today. The video is quite long standing at 6 minutes, as the song alone is almost 5. The video shows Adele in an old house that seemed to be shared with an old love but since had been abandoned. Actor Tristan Wilds plays her love interest in the video, even though you never see both of them actually together since it’s is more of a point-of-view type of video.

Adele doesn’t need to prove anything with her new album as she has cemented herself as one of the best singers/songwriters that has come from this generation of music. Her new music is highly anticipated and from the sound of it seems to be worth the wait.

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