House of Blues Anaheim To Reopen in March 2017

Attention you rock ‘n’ roll fanatics—the House of Blues will be reopening their new venue at the Anaheim Gardenwalk in March 2017.

The legend tour stop in Downtown Disney closed back in May with no advance of there ever being a new one coming our way but it turns out they’re bringing it back, elsewhere though. The revived locale will replace the Ultraluxe Cinemas building that used to be at the Gardenwalk, the shopping center a block away from the Disneyland Resort. It’s projected to be a state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art facility that will include tons of modern features and will be considerably larger to accommodate the grand touring acts and events.

Even with it’s 1,000-­‐space capacity, the old venue still brought in all sorts of legend artists like James Brown and Ray Charles to the Foo Fighters and even pop stars like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

The new place of 44,000 square feet will feature a 2,200-­‐capacity main room for the bigger entertainment shows and events, and it will also feature The Parish, a space that will hold 400 folks for more intimate performances and occasions, alongside a Foundation Room/VIP Club. And for the foodies, they’re building a superior restaurant, kitchen and bar area.

Ron Bension, the President of the House of Blues Entertainment said that no venue is doing what this new construction will do. He says you will take in a 4-­‐D live music experience as you walk into a night scene with four different bands playing in separate rooms at the same time.

If you’re a young-­in that thinks the Blues and Rock ‘N’ Roll gigs are just for the ol’ folks, Bension wants you to know that this fresh new place will be contemporary and will fit your liking, of course while continuing to represent it’s historic roots.

The move comes just in time for their 25th year anniversary as the House of Blues chain with it’s first location opening back in 1992 at the Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass. The new place promises to bring forth a mix of the past with our ever so trending present.

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Abbey Fernandez

Abbey Fernandez

Abbey Fernandez is a Broadcasting major at Cal State Fullerton.
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