HumanEyes Shows Vuze XR VR Camera at CES 2020

The Vuze XR is a unique 3-in-1 hybrid camera that is portable, easy-to-use and seamlessly combines 3D VR180 and 2D 360⁰ capture systems with industry-leading 5.7K resolution for outstanding, full-motion video and 18MP high-resolution still image capture. 

Complete with LIVE Broadcast + Sharing to Social using the Vuze XR mobile app, content creators, social media enthusiasts, world travelers, adventure seekers, families and creators of all types now have the power and convenience to share and livestream to mobile phones, computers, social networks, VR headsets and Humaneyes Zone, a custom VR website.

Fully equipped with Video Stabilization, the Vuze XR rotates, corrects for horizon and reduces camera shake to produce smooth, stabilized output. The Vuze XR supports both the Google VR180 standard as well as Facebook’s 3D180 format. Advanced editing and stitching functions up to 4K/30fps is supported via the cameras’ mobile app while desktop stitching is available for higher resolutions including 4K/60fps and 5.7k/30fps Mpeg4 files.

Accessories for the Vuze XR include Underwater Case, Magic Selfie Stick and a Mini Tripod. All available for purchase on Vuze Camera Shop and Amazon

Full details/features below Vuze XR and accessories. 


  • Easy-to-Use: Easily switch between 3D VR180 & 2D 360° modes with a simple click.
  • Industry-leading Resolution: Video resolution at 5.7K at 30fps or up to 4K at 60fps (H.264 MP4); stills at 18MP.
  • Photo and Video Stitching: Up to 4K/30fps (mobile share) in-camera, desktop stitching at 4K/60fps (in motion) or 5.7K/30fps when edited with Vuze VR Studio software.
  • Video Stabilization:Using advanced track motion technology, the Vuze XR rotates, corrects for the horizon, and reduces camera shake to produce smooth stabilized output.
    • 6-axis gyro movement-tracking for smoother, more comfortable to watch results.
    • Stabilization Overview Video – HERE
  • Desktop Editing Software: Create full-resolution VR experiences with the supplied Vuze VR Studio Software. A powerful desk and laptop solution for quick and easy work of basic and advanced stitching and image-enhancement functions.  Available for Windows and Mac.
  • Mobile App and Video Editor: Transform 360-degree spherical media into traditional photo and video. Provides remote camera control over Wi-Fi, photo and video preview, complete editing control to quickly and intuitively crop, adjust and reframe pictures and video along  with filters, virtual stickers, text capability, color adjustments, etc.
  • Vuze Cast Streaming + Share to Social: Engage live audiences or enjoy 3D VR content directly from the camera. Stream 360 or VR180 directly to VR headsets or go live to your favorite social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) 
  • Advanced Camera Control: Take creative control and define your unique photo style. Adjust camera settings and evoke emotion in your pictures, regardless of the level of available light. Set exposure compensation, ISO, Shutter Speed, and even step in or out of your shot with a useful Capture Delay self-timer. 
  • DNG RAW: Keep all the picture data. Save 18MP still images for immediate display using standard jpeg file format. For post-production flexibility, use the advanced Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) format; shooting in DNG provides more control over highlight and shadow corrections, making the most of every picture.  
  • Humaneyes Zone: Create your own VR website to host, stream and share your 3D 360 virtual reality videos and photos. No code, no programming – a few simple clicks and you’re live. 
    • Create VR website – HERE
  • Google VR180 Certification: HumanEyes is working closely with the Google team to complete VR180 certification for the Vuze XR.
  • 360 Audio


  • Underwater Case (MSRP: $119)
    • The Vuze XR 30° Waterproof Sports Case is made from a clear polycarbonate the Sports Case secures and protects your camera from dust, dirt, and water down to the depth of 30 meters (100 feet). Its two large polished domes cover the wide angle of the fisheye lenses and allow an unimpeded 360° view in and out of the water. With built-in, spring-loaded, controls there is no need to open the case to operate the camera. Handgrips, rigs, and straps are easily mounted using a standard 1/4″-20 tripod mounting thread on the bottom of the enclosure.
  • Magic Selfie Stick (MSRP: $19)  
    • Get the “impossible” shot with the Vuze XR Magic Selfie Stick, which seemingly disappears from the camera’s field of view. The nested design quickly converts from a compact, easy to carry accessory to a long-reaching handle, providing new perspectives and extreme camera positions. Complete with a standard 1/4″-20″ screw mount, it’s easy to attach your Vuze XR camera and get right into the action.
  • Mini Tripod  (MSRP: $29.95) 
    • The Mini Tripod is an elegant support device for shooting stable and blur-free images with your camera. It also doubles as a selfie stick for a Vuze 360 camera, handheld or stationary.
  • Vuze XR 3D VR and 360 Camera Ultimate Kit (MSRP: $555.00)
    • The Ultimate Kit includes: Vuze XR 3D 180 and 360 camera, fast 64gb microSD card, Magic Selfie Stick, Mini Tripod and Underwater Case for 360°.
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