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Production on the independent film Love Accidentally, starring Denise Richards, Brenda Song and Aaron O’Connell, has wrapped after filming in Los Angeles amid a pandemic and stay at home order.

Set for release later this year, the film follows arch rivals Alexa (Song) and Jason (O’Connell), who are unknowingly competing for the top sales director job at their advertising company owned by Debra (Richards). When their significant others each break up with them, Alexa accidentally sends Jason a ‘broken heart’ text, thinking she’s texting her friend. But as their heartfelt texts continue, they start to fall for each other. Neither realizes that they are the same co-workers who have been competing for the same job for months.

Written by Robert Dean Klein and directed by Peter Sullivan. The film also stars Pedro Correa (“Middle,” ABC), Brooke Newton (“Ray Donovan,” Showtime), Marc Anthony Samuel (“General Hospital,” ABC), Gib Gerard (“Discarded”) and Maxwell Caulfield (“The Real Blonde”).

Hybrid Productions was able to successfully and safely finish the film following all safety and precaution protocols, as put forward by state and county.