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Impossible Foods’ success throughout the past few years has landed the CEO, Dr Patrick O. Brown an invite to headline at the CES 2020 Leaders in Technology Dinner. Each year, The Leaders in Technology Dinner brings together more than 600 technologist and entrepreneurs from around the world to demonstrate and share next-generation innovations. 

Just last year, the introduction of Impossible Burger 2.0 at the CES 2019 made its huge mark in being the first food company to be exhibited at this event. 

“Pat Brown had a vision to reduce the impact of animal agriculture and satisfy consumers, and through technology innovation, he turned his idea into a global phenomenon – reinforcing that every company is a tech company,” mentioned Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “We look forward to hearing Impossible Foods’ vision for technology’s role in the future of food,”

Pat Brown first founded Impossible Foods in 2011 while teaching biochemistry at the Stanford University School of Medicine. After much thinking on how he could use what he knew to make a difference in the world, he came to the realization that there was a way to make affordable plant based foods. By getting rid of animals in the food chain, it would make it better for consumers and ultimately our environment.

Fox anchor, Liz Claman, will take part in explaining the journey of Impossible Foods and how it became the global success it is today. 

NBC Universal’s Linda Yaccarino; Delta Air Lines’ Ed Bastian are just a few others that will be joining the stage. The CES Keynote schedules will continue to update as additional keynote speakers are revealed.