Incubus, If Not Now, When?, Released Tomorrow

“If Not Now, When?” is a saying that can be shared in this country on any day with the economic and political conditions of the day. Though in this case it is the title of the latest album from the Los Angeles band, Incubus. In there latest album they grow musically and the lyric vary from love, friendship and political views. In past album you would have a mix of fast and slow tempo songs but in this album it is a slower pace and allows you to really hear the lyrics as well as the great arrangement of the songs that pace well.

“Adolescents” was the first release off the new album but “Promises, Promises” may be the real main stream hit of this album. A song that really invokes emotion and love that continues in “Friends and Lovers” with such emotion and could easily relate to people who listen to the album.

The album is a must buy for Incubus fans and if your not a must listen as a music fan. Though I don’t think it will be a mainstream hit, it will be a hit to fans of music and the growth and path a musician will take in his career. This band has grown from “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.” and “Morning View” to the last studio album “Light Grenade.”

To launch the new album and concert tout the band put together some special performance and unique experience for their fans. At the Incubus HQ on La Brea in between 3rd Street and Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles the band would have special clinics. DJ Chris Kilmore talking about how he started in the music business and bass player Ben Kinney talking about performance and his album with the work he had done in the band.

Then every hour a lucky 15 people would be able to return later that evening, as the band would perform live. All the concerts and clinics were free of charge and would play an album a day for the six days the Incubus HQ was open. The final show was the band playing the new album live. For the first time they played it live before leaving on their concert tour with the first stop being Santa Barbara Bowl this Friday night. Incubus will be back in Los Angeles in October as they play the Hollywood Bowl and tickets are on sale now. The new album, “If Not Now, When?” is available tomorrow at your local record store or on iTunes.

Incubus Live At Incubus HQ:

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