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Intellivision Announces Amico Gaming System

Intellivision Entertainment LLC announced today significant additions to its game portfolio, along with new licensing and global retail partnerships for its Amico system, the modern reboot of the iconic Intellivision video game console, now scheduled for release in April 2021.

In a virtual press event, CEO Tommy Tallarico revealed an extensive list of new Amico games, including Earthworm Jim 4 and Rigid Force Redux Enhanced. 

Intellivision also provided a variety of business updates, including licensing partnerships with Mattel, Sesame Workshop and Usaopoly (The Op). Intellivision’s partnership with Mattel will bring to life a much-anticipated racing game based on the popular Hot Wheels franchise. Teaming up with Sesame Workshop, kids and families will enjoy playing a suite of engaging and fun educational Sesame Street games together.

The Op partnership brings the first-ever interactive versions of the award-winning board games, Telestrations and Blank Slate. These announcements come on the heels of recently announced licensing deals with brands such as Major League Baseball, Evel Knievel and The American Cornhole League.

“The magic of Intellivision Amico is that it will bring families and friends together around gaming – something that the world could always use more of – and these new games and partnerships will be a critical part of that,” said Tallarico. 

The company also announced its growing network of global retail and online partners including GameStop, Amazon, and among others. The new games and partnerships reinforce the conviction of Intellivision’s mission to reignite the family- and group-oriented benefits of multi-player gaming that were so prevalent at the dawn of the gaming era. Finally, the company announced that, after painstaking efforts to overcome the myriad of obstacles and constraints imposed by the global pandemic, Amico’s target launch date will shift from October 10, 2020, to April 15, 2021. 

“Despite unprecedented challenges, the accomplishments and progress made by our internal team, plus our incredible network of developers and partners, is nothing short of amazing,” said Tallarico. “Our primary focus is delivering a quality product, and we remain steadfast in our mission to bring family fun back to gaming with Intellivision Amico’s launch.” 

Details of the new games and gameplay footage that were revealed are as follows: 

Newly Announced Intellivision Amico Games

Earthworm Jim 4

The legendary multi-award-winning side-scrolling game is back exclusively for Amico. More adventure, more fun, more shenanigans and now… with MULTIPLAYER!

Earthworm Jim 4 coming to the new Intellivision Amico

Sesame Workshop
Intellivision and Sesame Workshop announced a series of educational titles that will utilize the unique Amico touch screen controllers, motion controls and couch co-op for the entire family to join in the learning and fun.

Mattel Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels has ignited the challenger spirit around the world since the brand’s introduction in 1968. Intellivision is beyond excited to have this spectacular brand be a part of the game repertoire, and it will challenge parents, kids and fans alike as they race to the finish line.

Rigid Force Redux Enhanced

A modern rendition of the classic side-scrolling shooter genre, Rigid Force Redux Enhanced arms players against waves of attackers. With a great soundtrack and magnificent graphics, the exclusive Amico version is enhanced with couch co-op multiplayer.


Through its partnership with The Op, Intellivision will offer the laugh-out-loud party game, Telestrations. Families will be able to experience the joy of laughter and miscommunication while they sketch and guess silly drawings and words. Never before brought to the digital era, this party game will allow for entire families, from children to grandparents, to share a laugh and enjoy the fun. 

Blank Slate

Another terrific board game coming from The Op to Amico is Blank Slate. This party game allows families to get in sync with one another as they attempt to fill in the blank with just one word to complete the phrase. When players guess the same word, they receive extra points. Blank Slate only takes moments to learn and its simplicity makes it fun for players of any age.  

Finnigan Fox

An all new original game, Finnigan Fox brings authentic platform gaming fun exclusively on Amico. Leverage the changing seasons and unique controls to embark on a mystic adventure with this furry friend.

Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad is perfect for those looking for big fireworks and even bigger entertainment. Players will need to work together to try diffusing bombs before time runs out. It’s sure to be a BLAST!

Incan Gold/Diamant

Searching for diamonds, gems and gold has never been so easy and exciting. Players will be on an adventure packed with strategy, risks, and riches as they push their luck to see who will come out on top.

Intellivision Monster Spades

From Concrete Software, creators of the top played golf, bowling, and fishing games in the world, this game will be an instant family classic. Pick your favorite monster and enjoy one of the most played card games in the world.

Liar’s Dice

Developed by Stainless Games with Mike Montgomery, one of the founders of the legendary Bitmap Brothers, Liar’s Dice is simple and fun for the whole family. This exclusive version is a cute and funny take on one of the most well-known dice games in the world, and utilizes the unique Amico controller screens for secrecy.

Space Strike

What happens when you combine popular games like Star Castle, Rocket League Racing, and Asteroids? You get the new, exclusive Amico game called Space Strike.

New Gameplay Revealed

Moon Patrol

This revamp of the 1982 video game classic promises to bring all the excitement of the classic arcade into the home as families pilot a heavily armed lunar buggy and do battle against the toughest in the galaxy. Aside from single player, co-op and versus modes are also available so everyone can play together. Revealed during the Amico Special Event, a complete demo level is now available to play in the Amico Club app.

Evel Knievel
Working closely with the Knievel family, this brand-new exclusive version of this incredible daredevil adventure will add the famous Skyrocket X-2 Snake Canyon jump as well as more unlockables, animations, audio, levels, and of course, amazing crashes!


A staple of the original Intellivision console and one of the platform’s best-selling games, Astrosmash is a classic arcade style game where players face off against an onslaught of asteroids, meteors and invading enemies. This exclusive Amico game is included with every console. With unlimited ammo and lots of targets in both single player, co-op or versus modes, it is sure to be a big SMASH!

Intellivision ACL Cornhole

With over 100 unlockables as well as single player, team, versus and arcade modes, Cornhole utilizes Amico’s motion controls to bring this fast-growing recreational sport into the living room. Easy to pick up and play and perfect for large groups to play together, Cornhole is included as a pack-in game with every Amico console.

Missile Command

As one of the most successful arcade games of all time, Missile Command challenges players and teammates to protect defenseless cities from a virtually endless hail of ballistic missiles. This exclusive Amico version utilizes the unique Amico controller screen as well as includes co-op and versus modes.

Developed by Choice Provisions, the team behind the mega popular Bit Trip game series, Breakout is a brand-new exclusive take on an old classic. Utilizing the Amico touch screen and motion controls, this retro reimagined title adds music-based rhythm to the mix in a unique and modern style.

Intellivision Battle Tanks

This game puts players in the driver’s seat of an explosive military tank headed into battle. Friends and families unite to take down the enemy while pushing the limits of strategy. Aside from single player, co-op, versus and capture-the-flag modes are also available.

Nitro Derby

Overhead racing is taken to an extreme in this exclusive Amico game. Ten tracks with three circuits each and 14 unlockable vehicles will provide hours of racing fun.

Retail/Distributor Partnerships

Intellivision proudly announced Amico’s availability through the following retailers and distributors:

  • GameStop
  • Amazon,, Amazon Europe
  • and
  • Walmart (Canada)
  • Best Buy (Canada)
  • Electronic Boutique (Canada)
  • Koch Media (Europe)
  • Mediamarkt (Germany)
  • Saturn (Germany)

Intellivision is currently working on many more exciting partnerships in preparation for the Amico system launch.

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