An Interview With Singer/Songwriter & Fashion Designer Cinzia Moniaci

Cinzia will debut her first solo EP titled “Moon Wild” at Molly Malone’s in Hollywood on April 29th with her band, The Perfect Nines. Moniaci’s solo EP was recorded with renowned music producer Warren Huart. Music recorded on the CD was performed by Moniaci, with Huart playing all instruments along with historically legendary rock drummer Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction) recording on the EP’s lead track “Do You Believe.”

cinzia moniaci An interesting faucet of Cinzia is that she is a well-established international fashion designer, as she has created a line of handbags called “Moni Moni”, which have been worn by a number of celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Halle Berry, and Jessica Alba. Moniaci comes to the US from Italy, where she started a side career in songwriting but overtime to became the front woman of The Perfect Nines. The Perfect Nines’ initial CD release offered guest recordings with artists including drummer Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), bassist Chris Chaney (Alanis Morrisette) guitarist Yogi Lonich (The Wallflowers, Buckcherry) and bassist Tony Franklin (Jimmy Page, Kenny Wayne Shepherd).

The release of her solo EP is the next step in her evolution as a recording and performing musician.

MUSE: How many songs were initially written for the E.P.?
CM: Originally we had about 10 songs to pick from for this particular project. I have written about 150 over the years but this was a group that belonged together artistically.

MUSE :How did you pick the 4 songs that are on it?
I had my favorites but wanted Warren’s input so these were the four that we thought better represented the style.
CM: Where was the album recorded?
The album was recorded at Spitfire Studios in Laurel Canyon.
I live by the beach and I had to drive there every day but that area is called Wonderland and I felt a bit like Alice when I was up there creating. I really dove into this new dimension and sometimes that’s what you need to be completely free with your art.

MUSE: Who makes up the Perfect Nines?

CM: The Perfect Nines has been my band since 2009, it consists of a stable group of musicians that have played with me for years and in particular, my husband Rico, who plays guitar. It’s been amazing to make music and perform with him and our “posse” of musicians for all these years and before with our band Bionica.

MUSE: What will you be performing at the E.P. release show?
CM: I will be performing all the songs from the EP, as well some as the new songs that will complete the album that I will be recording soon.

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