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Introducing His Imperial Majesty, Silverio

His Imperial Majesty Silverio, or just Silverio as he asks to be called off-stage is something of a marvel as an artist. His music alone is an experience in itself and his live performances shock audiences all around the world. The Mexican singer is known for his lavish dance floor techno beats that attract eccentric fans that go to his shows to not only dance the night away, but also interact with the performer. Everything about Silverio is over the top and in a style all his own, from his clothes to his sound to his performances.

When asked how he would describe his music to someone who had never heard it before he said, “electronic music in a primitive way, more brutish than refined electronic, cave man electronic.” Even during his performances, he continues to show that his style is based off of raw, primitive sounds by refusing to use computers or any new technology to create his dance beats and rather creating the sound himself by punching his instruments and machines. “I prefer to punch music rather than play it.” Silverio attracts a lot of attention for his live shows as well. They are said to be a spectacle in themselves and consist of mostly improvisation based on audience participation and craziness, meaning every show is different and mostly never the same. “I like the part, when audience gets in the show. You get the most amazing moments,” explains Silverio.

His new EP is something new and something borrowed. It consists of two songs that are covers of soap opera star and singer Laura Léon also known as “La Tesorito” as well as one of his songs being covered by her. Why Laura Léon covers you may ask? “I liked the songs and wanted to do my arrangements to those songs. I thought ‘How could I surprise the audience,’” says Silverio. Not only did that mean getting new music to his already loyal fans, but also creating a new fan base around the lovers of these songs already. From this new EP comes a cover of a very popular song called “Suavecito” that is originally a soft pop song, but Silverio put his spin on it giving the song a rougher sound. “For me the song is not soft, from the beginning it is a tough and rough song and I pushed for more of an aggressive sound,” explains Silverio. Working with the legendary Laura Léon came easy to Silverio, they seemed to be on the same page when it came to the music and even the music video for the single, which includes both of the singers and is directed by Academy Award Nominee Nacho Viagalondo. “It was amazing. I worked with Nacho before on ‘Salon de Belleza’ so we flew him in and found a place to film in 12 hours, put the script together in 2, called Laura and it went by so fast,” Silverio says on making the music video for “Suavecito”.

At the end of October Silverio will be playing two shows in California in the hopes to obtain new fans and a stronger fan base that will embrace his unique live shows and music. “I played at these places a while ago, and so it’s going to be different. I love new audiences because they don’t know what’s going to happen and I also don’t know how it’s gonna go,” says Silverio. If there’s one thing that Silverio wants his new audiences to know, it’s that there is no such thing as just sitting at his shows and watching. You will be up and dancing, even if you have no idea what’s going on and the more you do interact, the more of Silverio you will most likely see. He is notorious for stripping by the end of his shows and either leaving the audience in the nude or in his signature red underwear, depending on the crowd participation. When asked if he’ll ever change his red underwear for a different color Silverio says, “No, I like red a lot. In Mexico people use it for New Years to represent good luck and good sex, I wear it so I can have that all year round.”

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