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In just a few short weeks, J Balvin will be in Los Angeles, blessing thousands of fans with a night of great music and an eye-popping spectacular performance. In the year since Balvin last had a concert here in Southern California. We have seen him release numerous hit singles and collaborations.

There is:”Reggeaton,” “Siempre Papi, Nunca Inpapi” with Luigi, “I Can’t Get Enough” with Benny Blanco & Selena Gomes, “Contra La Pare” with Sean Paul, “Loco Contigo” with DJ Snake & Tyga, “Ponle” with Farruko, “Con Altura” with Rosalia and his recent 8-track- collaborative album with Bad Bunny “Oasis.” Which just went double-platinum.

J Balvin shared the great news on his Instagram, with a picture of himself holding a plaque and thanking everyone an even asking his fans to name their favorite songs. “OASIS” was a joint collaboration with Bad Bunny that surprised everyone, when it dropped. The tracks, each carefully choreographed to tell an audio-story of relief and paradise.

As Bad Bunny wrote upon its release; “Oasis is a transcendental and refreshing album; it is a rescue, a relief. An Oasis helps you to supply yourself with what you’re missing and to find what you lack spiritually; this is what this album represents. We have been working on it for a long time, and finally, we found its moment. Working with J Balvin has undoubtedly been an unparalleled experience, I have always admired and respected him a lot and we have had an excellent vibe throughout this whole process.”

“I’ve been traveling all over the world the last few months, and anytime it started to feel overwhelming, I’ve been able to listen to the tracks we created, and instantly return ‘Home’ to our own musical paradise. I’m so glad the time has arrived where fans can now share those same new vibes with us.” – J Balvin

The music videos for the tracks, “Que Pretendes” and “Cuidado Por Ahi” have a combined total of nearly 150 million views on YouTube and is number #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Latin Album chart for the past 13-weeks.

While this album was a joint-venture and both artists are equal power houses in their own right. It is nearly impossible to deny J Balvins magnificent artistry. His tour is proclaimed to be one of the “hottest tours” of the fall season. Critics have praised his performance as “astonishing” and “surreal.” With the New York Times citing;

“This reggaeton singer is a new kind of crossover star… he hasn’t felt compelled to bridge the language barrier in order to crack the pop market… Instead, Balvin leverages trap-inspired flows and collaborations with high-profile American stars like Cardi B and Beyoncé, all the while staying true to his Spanish-language roots and racking up global streaming numbers that surpass those of both women.” Speaking to the NYT…Balvin foretold a bright future for Latin artists: “It’s just the beginning of a new global Spanish wave.”

Quiet a praise for an artist who was wrongfully snubbed at this year’s Latin Grammys.

Earlier this month, the Latin Recording Academy released the list of nominees, with President/CEO Abaroa Jr. claiming that this year’s class was a true presentation of diversity and talent. However, many quickly took note, of his comments. Noting that there was significant artist left out. Artists who have brought the Reggaeton genre to the masses, in just a few short years.

Since appearing on the music scene, Balvin seems to have the “mid

us-touch.” Turning every track, he is on into a certified hit. Turning the genre into a world-wide-phenomena, that proved to all; that music knows no boundaries and is as universal as the weather. Of course, this was a reach he did not achieve entirely on his own. Fellow artist such as Bad Bunny and Ozuna, have each also made significant strides in their careers. Thus, pushing the genre further beyond the borders of Latin America.

In 2018, a report on the Grammys official website. Showed that the Latin Urban genre had significantly dominated music streaming services, such as: Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music. And while yes, it is not entirely correct to say that every Urban artist is always snubbed. The fact that this year, not one of the many exceptional artists we have seen this year, were nominated. Speaks to the fact, that the Latin Recording Academy is not as open to recognition as they claim.

Following the backlash, they received from fans and artists themselves. The LRR released the following statement.

“We respect and admire all the genres that compose the world of Latin music. In 2004, The Latin Recording Academy® led the charge for recognizing reggaeton (urban) in several categories, adapting to the evolution of music. The Latin Recording Academy has followed a strict voting process for the past 20 years. The members, through their votes, select what they believe merits a nomination.

The Academy has never influenced their decisions, have always honored, and respected their elections, even if there are people who do not agree with the results. Nevertheless, we hear the frustration and discontent. We invite the leaders of the urban community to get involved with the Academy, to get involved with the process, and to get involved with discussions that improve the Academy. At its core, The Latin Recording Academy belongs to its members, from all genres, and our doors are always open. Together we can all make it work. Let’s do it!”

Getting involved is the same sentiment that JBalvin preached in an Instagram story, released a few days following the announcement and the circulation of “Sin Reegeaton NO Hay Latin Grammy”. While not discrediting any of this year’s nominees, he urged his followers to use their platform to move masses. To know the difference between someone who did one song of the genre verses someone, who is an artist of it.

Ever the optimist, J Balvin is not one to let this get him down. A few days following the Latin Grammy announcements, he announced with much excitement on his Instagram page. A new collaboration single with his good friend Maluma.

These two princes of Columbia, came out with “Que Pena.” A song about a woman whom they cannot seem to remember but something about her beautiful face strikes familiar. So, they ask to her to get close so they can try and remember. The video is set in a casino-dance bar, where couples are dancing the tango; a sensuous and seductive dance. Since its release, the video has over 33 million views on YouTube.

With a new single out, reminding music listeners everywhere, just why Reggaeton is the dominating genre. Balvin performed in Madison Square Garden, in a sold-out show! Surrounded by his ever amusing and incredible dancers. Balvin brought back his giant comical costumes previously seen at his Coachella performance, including the giant heads of Bad Bunny and Cardi B. His performance was visually stunning, with well thought-out choreographed moved, elaborate visuals and graphics.

While it can’t be said that no performance has ever been over-the-top. What Balvin brings his fans is very unique. Blown up caricatures, bobble-heads, set decorations; there has never been a performance that brings the bazar…and succeeds!

His love for animation will now go a step further! As he teams up with SpongeBob Square Pants, for the shows 20th anniversary. Earlier in the month, he teased a clip on his Instagram, simply captioning it “coming soon.” He followed it up with two separate clips. One with him and visual artist Louis De Guzman, where he announces that pieces of this collaboration; will be available for purchase, come October 18th.

His next performance will at the United Supermarkets Arena in Lubbock, TX. He will be at the Staples Center on October 26th.