With his fourth studio album dropping later this Spring, the king of Reggaeton released the 3rd track from the upcoming album “Colores.”

Collin Tilley, who has also been at the cinematic forefront of “Morado” and “Blanco.” Directs J Balvin in a hauntingly beautiful love letter from beyond the grave. “Rojo” is a ballad that tells the story of a love that knows no boundaries or sense of time.

A quien le mientes si en tu soledad. Quieres verme otra vez…Me dan ganas de ti, te dan ganas de mi a la misma hora

In a behind-the-scenes clip posted on his Instagram. Balvin tells his followers; “you’re going to feel red everywhere…it’s a really intense video with a lot of feeling, and I know your going to love it.”

The video shows J Balvin as a father on his way to the hospital to meet his new baby girl. While on route, he is seen on the phone talking to loved ones about his joy when he is struck by an oncoming vehicle. Unaware of what has happened to him, his spirit goes to the hospital to meet with his wife and newborn.

Throughout the rest of the video, we see his spirit play with his now 4-year-old daughter as her imaginary friend and watch over his wife as she tries to move on romantically.

“I’m helping my wife find the right guy,” he mentions. “It’s about being open and not selfish.”

The video ends with a powerful PSA message, about distracted driving.

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