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J Balvin’s “Machika” become the No. 1, globally viewed video in less than 24hrs as of Friday night. The Reggaton singer announced the videos success on his Instagram, telling his fans to “never stop dreaming.

Balvin collaborated once again with Brazilian singer Anitta, who was featured along Balvin on the hit single “Downtown,” which currently holds over 1 million video views, since its release back in November. “Machika” also features Aruban newcomer, Jeon and shows Balvin and Anitta preparing for war in a post-apocalyptic world, with Balvin seemingly standing in front of various national flags.

In a statement Balvin says; “The success of ‘Mi Gente’ has been a blessing, but one I worked very long and deliberately to reach – bringing our Latin roots to fans around the world, recording primarily in our Spanish language, but not limiting our creativity to thinking just of ‘Spanish’ music. Stretching to collaborate with Willy William and then Beyonce helped internationalize my music but without departing from my culture which I hold close to my heart. I am very excited about following up that success with ‘Machika’ – working with a truly international team of collaborators that stretches from Brazil, Afro-Caribbean and European EDM. It continues to bring the sounds of Reggaeton into a global music environment.”

Balvin is set to headline this Saturday January 20th, at the annual Calibash concert in Los Angles. Where he will perform “Machika” live for the first time.

Lidia Mosqueda

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