J Cole Surprises Fans by Announcing New Album


J Cole announces the name and date for his upcoming fifth studio album, KOD, set to drop this Friday, April 20.

Cole left his fans scattering for answers today, as hints of a new album were dropping like flies since around 1 pm PT. It all started when a few fans noticed unusual activity going on with the rapper’s social media accounts. It was on his Instagram account that Cole had deleted all of his past posts and added a change to his profile picture.

Fans, like me, noticed the change he made to his Instagram account and continued the scavenger hunt to his twitter account. This account was almost no different as although he couldn’t delete all of his tweets, he did change his profile.

The hunt to get to the bottom of Cole’s actions continued, as there was still no answer to what this purple profile meant. It was not until nearly an hour later, when fans were shocked by the announcement of some sort of pop-up show. Cole finally posted on his Instagram with just this one picture.

It was still unknown what this announcement was for but fans in New York scattered to secure a spot in line nonetheless. This sketchy post led to rumors galore, as fans could only hope that this event would finally lead to an announcement of a new album.

The event was as quiet as J. Cole wanted it to be, as there was no photos, videos, or media access to even prove its existence. The only thing to go off of was the word of those who claimed to be there. The Gramercy Theatre was reportedly filled with around 500 fans, where J. Cole played snippets from his upcoming album. Minutes after the event’s end, J. Cole made it official on twitter.

The album with be released this Friday, April 20, with only one question left to be solved. What does KOD mean? or is it an acronym? My guess: Kill or Die, or Kind of Dope. Either way, all I know is the King of Dreamville is finally back.

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