Jabbawockeez Perform for World of Dance at CityWalk

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Universal CityUniversal CityWalk brought World of Dance to the “5 Towers” stage for their “Music Spotlight Series” that ends August 31st. The night was headlined by Jabbawockeez, but the masked men had sixteen other dance groups prepare and pump the crowd before them including Poreotics, Flavahz Crew, 3-23 Area Kidz,  Establish Your Empire and many more.

The day was hot and the sun was shining bright atop the outdoor venue, but hours before the event had begun, crowds gathered quickly. CityWalk LA had to close down parts of CityWalk and parking was filled to max capacity due to the large amounts of people.

There were dancers everywhere, and bottles of water everywhere but that didn’t stop the music, the dancing,the fun, of M.U.S.E from getting up close and personal with the dancers.

M.U.S.E spoke with Poreotics, of America’s Best Dance Crew, and got the insight on what it’s like being a group competing in such a large scale competition. They also share the exciting opportunity they got by being apart of a music video with Justin Bieber, Usher and Bruno Mars. They give us the inside scoop on what it’s like working with the three biggest names in Pop and R&B.

M.U.S.E also spoke with winners of America’s Best Dance Crew season 7, Flavahz Crew. The girls share why they like dancing and what how they became a group.

M.U.S.E also got the opportunity to chat with Miles Brown, also known as Baby Boogaloo. The child dancer,actor and rapper talks about his upcoming project with new ABC TV series, Black-ish.

Also, Marlee Hightower, of America’s Got Talent Season 5, talks about her early dance career and how she has grown from her early experiences, as well as what she hopes to do later in the future.

And lastly, M.U.S.E got the inside scoop on the Vegas show “Prism”, the story behind the iconic white masks, and how long it takes the synchronized dance group Jabbawockeez to prepare a new routine.

The “Music Spotlight Series” comes to an end August 31st, the last show will be present by. Descarga. However, the music will come back to the “5 Towers” stage Spring 2015.

World of Dance Live at 5 Towers Universal CityWalk Featuring Jabbawockeez:


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