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OneThe Wondergirls’ song, Let’s Go All The Way once again is re-invented by producer and Orgy vocalist, Jay Gordon for the Iron Man 3:Heroes Fall soundtrack. With vocals by Ashley Hamilton, Robbie Williams, and himself, this was the second take Jay Gordon had done on the track. Previously, he had worked on it for the Celebrity Deathmatch Soundtrack in 1999.

“When I got call from Ashley Hamilton saying he was in the movie, I almost didn’t believe him. Then he said he wanted to put the song in the movie, and I did a double take of sorts. I said, ‘didn’t we already do this once?’” explains Jay Gordon.

However, Jay Gordon’s work on the familiar track took him through an unexpected encounter over tea.

“On Super Bowl Sunday, we went over to Robbie Williams’ house to do some work! Funny story before I continue… In the beginning of the day, Robbie mentioned an “Adele” that would be coming over, but I figured it was just someone he knew with the name,” says Jay. “So at one point I walked downstairs (because I kept going back and forth to check on my poor 49ers) and Adele, yes THE Adele, was there in the room. So great… quickly after meeting she sweetly offered me some tea, which was shocking to me because the fact that I had just randomly walked up to Adele in someone’s home and she’s all the sudden offering me tea like it was nothing was unbelievable. We briefly talked, debated the differences between football and futbol, and talked about why Americans are so obsessed with the sport. It was a great, unexpected moment.”

Maria Plascencia

Maria Jose grew up in Chula Vista. She moved to LA to attend USC and study Broadcast Journalism, along with American Studies and Ethnicity. Maria has enjoyed writing since a young age, but recently discovered her love for broadcast journalism. She is also a dancer, literature junkie, and music obsessed.