If you missed both of J Blavin’s concert shows this weekend at The Forum; there two things you should be asking yourself right now. Number one; was what you were doing better? Which we feel free to assume is a, no and number two. Will you ever again pass up an opportunity to see him perform, after hearing all the reviews? Again we feel free to answer for you with a no!

If recent news and music charts aren’t enough to convince you of the hype, that is J Balvin. Then seeing him perform his captivating-feel good music live, is a must! The fashion designer, chart-topping, music award leading performer took the stage in Inglewood CA this past weekend; to a sold-out venue of enthusiastic and eager fans, for the third show of his VIBRAS Tour. The crowed went into full frenzy as Balvin emerged onto the stage alongside a giant dinosaur! Yes that’s right a giant moving dinosaur as well as dancing raptors. 

He kicked off the night by performing with these dancing-dinos, to his summer hit “Matchika.” Followed by “Cuando Tú Quieras” and “Ambiente,” from his album VIBRAS. It was during the middle of his performance of “Cuando Tú Quieras,” that the dancing-dinos went away and female dancers joined Balvin on stage for the remainder of the night to help entertain the crowed.

Beautiful woman and dancing dinosaurs weren’t the only thing Balvin used to elevate his concert experience. A rising stage was added in the middle of the Forum floor, where Balvin performed solo versions of his collaborative hits; “Si Tú Novia Te Deja Sola,” “Sensualidad,” and “Quiero Repetir.” He was joined on stage by a dancer for an erotic dance that sent the crowed into a full-on frenzy; for his collaborative single “Downtown,” with rising Brazilian star Anitta.

Before returning to the main stage, Balvin was joined by Rosalia. For a special duet of their song “Brillo,” featured on his album. As well as by Jhay Cortez, whom worked with Balvin on the song “Estan Pa Mi.” 

As the night came to end, Balvin returned to the main stage to perform “I Like It,” “No Es Justo,” and “Peligrosa;” however there was one more surprise. Just as fans where preparing to beat the traffic and mayhem of exiting the venue. A giant dinosaur egg emerged as crowed chanted Balvins name. Soon, he emerges on stage for a special-encore performance of his cross-over global hit “Mi Gente,” where smoke and confetti filled the room as the lights finally turned on, signaling that the night had come to an end.

Balvin’s next stop in his VIBRAS tour is in Salt Lake City, UT. If you have yet to get your tickets, don’t hesitate and get them now. So you don’t miss out on this vibrant feel good show!

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Lidia Mosqueda

Lidia Mosqueda, a graduate from California State University Fullerton, has been a news correspondent for MUSE TV since 2017. She has covered various newsworthy events such as; press junkets, film & tv screenings, premieres, concerts, red carpets and other public events. As a bilingual journalist she has written about various musicians and artists in Latin entertainment, helping to bring attention to many Latin American talent, here in the states. As a journalist in the entertainment field. Her goal is to break down the stereotypes and assumptions that surround entertainment journalism.

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