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A brand new competitive way of gaming is upon the eSports community. Jet 1 Cup is combining jet racing and gaming into one.

The company has announced today that they have an all new gladiator style competition coming to national and international broadcasting. Players will compete and fight against one another in a head-to-head fighter jet competition.

This entails 20 competitions, 6 teams, 12 pilots, 12 gamers, 4 continents, and only one winner. The pilots will engage into realistic action driven battles where an individual on the ground controls every laser shot. The heart-pounding thrill of seeing gun-to-gun flights directly above the heads of a cheering crowd. With the combination of real jet pilots and esports gamers the jet with the most points win.

“There are so many incredible sports like Formula 1, NASCAR, MotoGP that have inspired generations. The Jet 1 Cup is opening up a completely new universe shaking these establishments and creating a new generation of fans for years to come, this is unlike any other sport anyone has ever seen,” stated Denis Oliver, CEO of Jet 1 Cup.

The competition will begin next year and details of where each competition will be revealed at a later date.