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 “So High,” the Jet Trash first 2020 release will be the first piece off their upcoming album Hold Fast, dropping September 25th. 

The band delivers raw and wild sounds inspired by the west coast, including their lo-fi sound and classic rock style. “So High,” merges surf rock and sixties rock as well as Jet Trash’s trademark grungy DIY sensibilities.

“When we get on a roll, it’s kind of crazy how fast things fall into place. The music for this song happened in about five minutes,” said Marshall Fassino.

“While most will assume it points to illicit substances, I think the deeper meaning is the ‘high’ our band felt as the tune came together. It was pretty obvious when ‘So High’ was finished that it was our favorite from the forthcoming record.”

Named LA’s best-up-coming-and-coming band, according to Deli Magazine, the Jet Trash features four members, Keith Shughrou lead guitarist, Paul Kemp guitarist and vocalist, Marshall Fassino bass player and vocalist and Eric Peters, drummer.

Currently, the band is signed with Position Music, an independent publisher, record label and management firm. They’ve landed bookings with Metz, Speedy Ortiz, and others as well as features in MTV, USA, and Showtime. They have also been acclaimed by Consequence of Sound, PopMatters, BuzzBandsLA, Death & Taxes, CMJ, Exclaim!, KCRW, and more.