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Last Sunday, October 18th, Joe Biden presidential campaign aired a 60-second advertisement. The ad ran during an NFL game between the Steelers and Browns.

Centered around the COVID-19 pandemic and the heavy hit music industry, the ad featured a snippet of The Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage.”

A rarity, as the group has been very conservative with licensing their music for advertisements.  When member Adam Yauch passed away in 2012, he requested music and any other creations stay out of advertising.

Still, group members agreed to feature the track in the ad given the importance of the occasion.

The advertisement follows Joe Malcoun, co-owner of the club the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He talks about the challenges clubs and venues face with COVID guidelines and regulations in place. The ad was very critical of President Trump and his response to COVID-19.

Yesterday, the Biden team removed the advertisement not even a week later, after viewers began sending Malcoun and family threats.

This came after viewers learned of Malcoun’s wealthy tech investment background and not as a negatively impacted business owner. Trump supporters were not happy with Joe Biden and team for the false production of the ad.

“The price for having a voice in our political process cannot be endless harassment,” said spokesman Bill Russo. “And yet, that is what Joe Malcoun and his family currently face as he was doxxed, harassed and threatened after the Trump campaign has sought to smear a community leader who dared to speak out against Trump’s failed response to the COVID crisis. It is shameful.”

While campaigning has become more and more creative throughout the years, it has also become more expensive.

According to the tracking firm Advertising Analytics, the 2020 presidential election has spent $1 billion on television advertising in only 13 states.