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John Torres: L.A. based indie singer talks about his influences

John TorresM.U.S.E. was happy to talk to singer/songwriter John Torres about his roots, influences, his colleague Sara Bareilles, and what we can expect at his upcoming show on Friday, Nov. 14.

He has previously received prestigious recognitions, including a John Lennon Songwriting Award under the Gospel/Inspirational genre for the track “Hallelujah.” Torres has also performed on honorable stages; take The Disney Concert Hall and Dodger Stadium for example.

Moving forward, Torres will be performing at Room 5 on Friday. Don’t miss out on this acoustic and intimate show! Tickets are still available online or at the venue.

Q: Tell us about yourself. What are your roots?

John: I’m from Los Angeles. Â My dad is Mexican American and born in L.A. and mother is an Italian immigrant. Â I grew up in L.A. in the 80’s with a bunch of different musical influences, from Opera to R&B. Â Started songwriting around 16 years old, and just loved it from the start. Â Started performing around the same time with different bands, and just never looked back.Â

Q: What inspires you to write your music?

John: What inspires me is always changing, but it’s mostly been autobiographical up to this point in life. Â I talk about love and loss, hope and longing. And I just try and be as honest as I can.Â

Q: What are your influences?

John: That is always a tough question for me.

My earliest musical influences were kind of cheese R&B singers from the late 80’s and 90’s. In college, I was moved by people like Bob Marley, Dave Matthews, Tracy Chapman and Nick Drake. Â

Q: How often do your perform live?

John: I still perform quite a lot.  As far as club venues, it’s only once or twice a month… but I do a ton of private performances.Â

Q: Any rituals before performing?

John: Not too many. Â Just like to get to gigs super early, have a drink and play out the show in my mind. Â It’s a bit of a pre-game sort of feeling for me.Â

Q: Other than music, what does your life consist of?

John: I have a 1 year old, who pretty much owns my time when I’m now working on music.

Q: What is your personal favorite song that you have written? Any specific lines?

John: That’s also a tough question to answer.  I’ll list a couple.  I think Crazy Man’s Mind, Here in History, L.A. Comes Alive are just few that come to mind.Â

Q: Tell us about interaction/working with your colleague Sara Bareilles?

John: To be honest, Sara is just an old friend from college who came up around the same time I did. Â We were in an a cappella group together at UCLA, right around the time she started writing songs. Â I feel like I was just honored to know her, and get to watch her develop into the amazing artist she is. Â

Q: What can we look forward to at your performance on Friday?

John: Friday I am extremely excited to be joined by Tim Kobza, who is my long time writing and producing partner.  I LOVE shows like this one, for the simple reason that it’s going to be all acoustic and just the two of those.  It’s basically my favorite configuration to play with.

John Torres – “A World That Doesn’t Know”:

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