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Joohoney, a member of the K-Pop group Monsta X, released his awaited fourth mixtape after two years. The rapper has been working with the group and solo projects since 2015.

With six studio albums, the groups latest album, ALL ABOUT LOVE, released February 14, 2020. The album placed on Billboard’s 200 chart, peaking at number five, making them only the 3rd K-Pop group to chart within the top 10.

Still, with the success of Monsta X, Joohoney continues with his solo career. The solo mixtapes have allowed him to dive deeper into his own experiences and experiment with music. It allows him to touch different bases than he normally would with Monsta X.

PSYCHE is a perfect example of this, showcasing his style, sound and getting personal with his battles and struggles.

Earlier this year, he opened up to fans about his mental health issues, and taking a step back from group activities in order to focus on his health. In the track, “SMOKY,” he touches on these dark moments where he felt lost and unmotivated. “The track is like a story about me in the past, present and future. Its a song for myself in the future that will wake me up in the darkness to step forward” said Joohoney.

The mixtape is a journey that takes us through Joohoney’s stages as he faces challenging times and learns to overcome obstacles. In the track “DIA,” he compares himself to a diamond, unique, rare, and confident. He hopes that listeners can connect with his experiences and find strength in his music.

Joohoney contributed heavily to the seven-track mixtape, helping compose, arrange and write every track. The track can be streamed on all platforms as well as a music video for the song, “SMOKY.”