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Boyle Heights, CA – Playwright and screenwriter Josefina Lopez brings back her play Trio Los Machos, a musical love letter to Bracero migrant laborers, to CASA 0101 Theatre which opens on Father’s Day Weekend June 17th in Boyle Heights.

Trio Los Machos was initially written as a way for Lopez to pay tribute to her father’s hard work during his years as a farmer. However, Lopez uses the play as a love letter to the men who worked and the women who lived during the 1942-1964 era of the U.S. Mexican Farm Labor Agreement with Mexico, better known as the Bracero Program.

Lopez states, “My father was a Bracero, I wanted to bring attention to a part of history Latinos should know about.” Audience members are invited to take a closer look into the lives of Braceros through the friendship of three men, Lalo, Nacho, and Paco. Although they were brought together by working on the agricultural fields, their bond is through their mutual love of music. Their passion for Trio Los Panchos inspired them to create their own Trio and perform for their fellow field hands in the migrant barracks, hence the name of the play Trio Los Machos. Lopez sweetly calls it a “comedic Latino ‘Bromance’.

Courtesy of music publishers Peer International Corporation, classic memorable songs like Amorcito Corazon, Solamente Una Vez, Piensa En Mi, and Quizas will be used in the play. In addition to these incorporated songs, there will be new original songs performed in Trio Los Machos.

Lopez states, “I hope everyone enjoys this play and falls in love with the music of Los Panchos. I invite you to learn more about the Bracero history by going online and viewing the many websites on the Braceros and their present plight.” You can keep the conversation going by being part of it! Share a brief story on CASA 0101 Theatre’s Facebook page. How did the Bracero program or the music of Trio Los Panchos affect your upbringing? For the duration of the Trio Los Machos run, one post per week will be chosen by staff and awarded a pair of complimentary tickets.

Trio Los Machos principal cast includes:

Héctor Márquez (Lalo), Daniel Edward Mora (Nacho), Henry Aceves Madrid (Paco), Claudia Duran (Rosario), Sephani Candelaria (Aurelia), Estuardo Muñoz (Young Lalo), Ruben Morales (Young Nacho), and Giovanni Verduzco (Young Paco)

Trio Los Machos Production:

Playwright: Josefina Lopez

Director: Edward Padilla

Assistant Director: Angel Lizarraga

Producers: Emmanuel Deleage, Rafael Calderon, Edward Padilla

Stage Manager: Cristina “Crispy” Carrillo

Assistant Stage Managers: Estibaliz Giron, Sophia Sanchez

Set Design: Cesar Retana Holguin

Light, Tech Designer: Kevin Eduardo Vasquez

Costume Design: Carlos Brown

Graphic Designer: Gabriela Lopez de Dennis

Music Consultant: Jesus Martinez

Publicists: Espada, Herrera and Associates

Be sure to get your tickets to this incredible play before all are gone!

TICKETS: $20 General Admission, $17 Students, Seniors and Groups of 10 or more, $15 for Boyle Heights residents with I.D.

PURCHASE: Contact the Box Office at (323) 263-7684, or online at Email: Advanced reservations are highly recommended.