Joshua Slice Premieres Newest Lucas the Spider Animation on Youtube

The cutest little spider around is back! That’s right, it’s Lucas the Spider!

Last time we saw him was back in January in his video Captured. The spider was an immediate hit with fans, demanding that the animation even be made into a film. Some fans even suggested possible cross-over films, all in excitement over the newest character in animation. With over 10 million views on Youtube, the video features him captured by a man beneath a wine glass, eventually attempt to escape danger. Watch the full video below.

Zootopia Animator Joshua Slice premiered the newest episode in the video series starring the lovable spider in Musical Spider. Voiced by Slice’s nephew, Lucas opens the video by letting viewers know one of his goals for when he becomes an adult spider.

“When I grow up, I want to be the world’s most musical spider,” says Lucas in an adorably soft voice.

Quickly after, Lucas makes his way over to his musical instrument of choice where he begins playing and singing an original tune. “My name is Lucas, I am a spider,” he sings. “I want to sing you a wonderful song.”

Then ends his darling song by singing, “And if you see me, please don’t squish me. I want to be your friend all-day long, heee.”

The 32-second video is packed with cuteness! From his giant eyes to his quirky movements, Lucas the Spider is a character that fans of the animation, which debut in November of last year, can see fitting very well into the Disney or Pixar family, alongside films like Zootopia and A Bug’s Life. Released on Feb. 10, Lucas the Spider: Musical Spider is the fourth video in the video series and quite possibly one of the best so far!

Watch the video below.

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