Joss Favela Earns A Latin Grammy Nomination For His Latest Album ‘Llegando Al Rancho’

Multi-winning Mexican singer-songwriter Joss Favela received a Latin Grammy nomination for “Best Banda Album” for his latest album, Llegando al Rancho.

His third studio album, Llegando al Rancho, contains hit songs like “Te Dije,” “Tu y Yo,” and “El Alumno,” ft. Jessi Uribe, which was in the Top 10 Regional Mexican Billboard chart for several weeks. The album, which was released in April, further cemented Joss Favela as one the greatest regional Mexican singers around today by credited him with bringing regional music back to the top of music charts and recognition on the global stage.

This is Favela’s second Grammy nomination following the success of his second studio album Caminando, which debuted # 1 on Billboard magazine’s Regional Mexican Albums chart during its release week. 

This new nomination for Favela comes after a spectacular performance last week at the Billboard Latin Music Awards where he presented a Mariachi version of “Tu Adiós Como Tequila”. When asked by Muse TV about his Billboard performance during rehearsals, Favel said that he has been working on something special, exclusively, for the awards show. “I’m very happy to be here,” he began to tell the press. “This is a very special version that we did specifically for the Billboards. The song “Tu Adios Como Tequila” has been heard in Mexico and here in the United States, and we did a special version that will be available after we do our performance,” he says.

Favela told Muse TV, exclusively, that he doesn’t feel pressure to meet any sort of expectation despite his newfound global fame. “I can answer that question with an example,” he says. “When they ask ‘how are you gonna dress for the red carpet?’ the same way I always dress,” he adds. “No one should ever change who they are for whatever reason. Regional music is something that I love and enjoy, and I am very grateful to all the people who love and listen and have made it possible for me to be here and to be able to continue singing the music that I have always sung.”

“Tu Adiós cómo Tequila” kicked off the release of Llegando al Rancho, and it currently holds over 57 million streams.

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