On September 5th, Latin Rock Global ambassador Juanes. Is returning to the iconic Hollywood Bowl, where his last performance was praised as historic and a unifying force. He has extended an invite to Spain’s fast-rising music and cultural innovator, who NPR hails as “one of the most inventive young players in latin music.” This will be Rosalia’s first-ever concert performance in the U.S prior to the anticipated release of her second album.

The concert pairing extends Juanes’ support of Rosalía after she also joined the Colombian star at his December 2017 concert in Madrid, and again unites two revolutionary Latin fusion artists who have released some of this year’s most groundbreaking Latin music video imagery between Juanes fine arts infused “Pa Dentro” and Rosalía’s ‘ravishing’ “Malamente” and “Pienso En Tu Mirá”.

OC Weekly, writes that Juanes; “continues to prove that he’s a mastermind in bridging the gap between languages and cultures, poverty and politics, love and despair in an enigmatic way that is both subtle and riveting… He preaches that regardless of the language one speaks, we are connected by culture, by our common humanity… His theory continually proved itself last night through the diversity in the crowd… Juanes delivered to his fans during two-and-a-half hour show …and it felt like there was no better place in the world”

Following his innovative work on Latin Music’s first major/award-winning visual album, Juanes has continued to push the boundaries of visual innovation in the genre, while spotlighting the creative community, art institutions and folkloric sounds of his native Colombia

His recent single, “Pa Dentro” has been certified platinum and surpassed 50 million views on YouTube. The innovative video utilizes visual fine arts to celebrate the diversity of female beauty and support inclusiveness and empowerment over objectification.

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Lidia Mosqueda

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