Juanes “Loco De Amor” Tour Makes A Stop In Orange County

Photo by Mayra Castro/M.U.S.E.

Costa Mesa, CA – Juanes performed his “Loco De Amor” tour at The Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa to an enthusiastic crowd on August 5. The concert was part of the “2015 Concert Series at the Pacific Amphitheatre.”

The “Loco De Amor” tour features songs from his latest album by the same name. Juanes’s tour began in early July in California and will end in December in Miami.

While for the most part songs his “Loco De Amor” album were played, he also played some of his most well-known songs like “Es Por Ti,” “ La Camisa Negra,” and “A Dios Le Pido.”

Juanes’ music makes for a fun concert that everyone in the family can enjoy. Families were present, couples on a date night, as well as groups of friends setting out to enjoy the live music. The Pacific Amphitheatre provided the perfect open venue for summer concert under the night sky.

There was no big elaborate dance numbers accompanying the music, instead Juanes allowed the audience to dance to the beat of his music. Each performance required for the audience to be on their feet dancing. Almost everyone in the venue was up dancing at some point throughout the concert.

Lighting onstage gave some of the performances a dramatic feel, without taking away from each performance. A giant screen took center stage, in which images flashed based on the theme of the song being played at the time.

One of the nights’ crowd pleasing songs was defiantly “La Luz,” which the audience took turns singing as Juanes turned the mic to them. It was both captivating to watch and lite up the audience.

Juanes proved that he put on a show and that his music can make anyone dance to it. Though the concert lasted an hour and a half, he seemed to play every song from his album and more.

He is defiantly an artist that delivers. Now a days artist lose sight of presenting their music by adding too many lighting effects and choreographies. Juanes on the other hand, showcases his music. He allows the audience to get lost in the experience that is his concert.

For the remainder of August, Juanes will be playing the 15 through the 22 in Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Washington, DC. The tour will return in December for two more dates (Dec. 3 and 4) in Florida. For more information, visit

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